Slim Jim with Macho Man

R.I.P. 1952-2011

It was one year ago when Randy “Macho Man” Savage suffered from a heart attack and died in an off-road car accident in Seminole, Florida, USA at age 58. The WWE fan base took a great moment of silence as they lost one of the most prolific veteran wrestlers of WWF(predecessor to WWE). Besides wrestling, he was an actor in various tv shows and voice over roles. As well as commercials, in this case being the sponsor of Slim Jim beef jerky. Before the Slim Jim Guy came into existence, I remember first being introduce to Slim Jim beef jerky by these commercials. It was also how I first learn about the existence of Macho Man, sadly wrestling is a sport not displayed in my house so I grew up with no exposure to wrestling at all other than parodies of it in movies, TV shows, and cartoons. As you can imagine, I never kept myself up to date and was embarrass when I didn’t know WWF was changed to WWE. So to memorate a legendary wrestler let’s discuss his exposure to Slim Jim advertisements.

Snap into it!

Macho Man made his debut in the Slim Jim commercials back in 1993, where he was a color commentator for Monday Night Raw and would only wrestle during certain occasions. In each of these commercials, Randy would occasionally invade a normal boring location and lighten it up by making things explode by eating slim jims. You heard me right, eery time he or someone else eats a slim jim something explodes with in the perimeter. Wether its light bulbs, a stage set, or a computer, everything explodes when someone eats a slim jim. Cause that’s the tagline “Want a little excitement? Snap into a Slim Jim!” Other commercials would have Randy disposing chips or pizza and claims that Slim Jims are a real man’s snack. Constantly expressing the combination of beef and spice making it the ultimate snack. Can’t blame him, cause even I admit it’s a good item for snack time. While the remaining commercials would depict of Macho Man convincing a wrestling bigot that wrestling is a real man’s sport and not rock climbing or snow boarding and another scenario where Randy is confine at an asylum but padded cells can’t with stand the imprisonment of Macho Man. Not as long as he has Slim Jim beef jerky, he’s invisible. You don’t want to mess with Macho Man, cause he’ll chew you up, and spit you out.

Lunch just got more awesome!

These commercials came to an end sometime in the mid to late 90s. Slim Jim focused on different hosts for their commercials including the Slim Jim Guy and other wrestlers(but that’s another story). Randy Savage’s exposure to Slim Jim created a huge impact on his career and on the Slim Jim company. Some merchandise was made on the adds, while people gradually recognize Randy due to his role in these ads. And that’s one of the things people will remember him the most by right next to his wrestling occupation. He was a wrestler like no other, always wore shades and bright color clothes in public. There won’t be another like him with in this life time. The next time you visit his grave, be sure to place a box of Slim Jims on it. Cause I’m sure he’ll appreciate it that people years from now will remember him from these commercials.

OMG! It’s Bonesaw!

So enjoy the commercials themselves down below of this paragraph. For next week, I’ll be doing an article on Joe Moschita and the commercial he star in that made him famous. That commercial in particular is the FedEx busy office commercial. And remember it’s only another four weeks until my first year anniversary article will be published. What will that one be about, I won’t give it away, but it’ll be a really old commercial.


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