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Sascha the Bear

This is a real old mascot for a particular brand of beer, even older than some of the other mascots I’ve talked about before.


Stag Beer with Mr. Magoo

Long Life Beer Cat

The counter must of had a glitch as it shouldn’t of count for the balloon to pop.

Flame Beer with Lance Henricksen

Happy Second Anniversary!

I know it was last week, but it’s never too late to celebrate. Like last year I will be doing some alcohol ads for one whole month. To start things up I like to introduce you to this ad on Flame Beer. An exclusive choice straight from New Zealand however this ad features an American actor named Lance Henricksen. That’s right Bishop, Frank Black, & Detective Hal Vulcovich himself advertising beer. What a perfect choice cause he has that gravelly yet commanding voice that best suits this commercial on a beer that is heated and then cooled down upon serving. So lets discuss the ad shall we?

The commercial opens up with Lance observing large flames appearing behind a protective glass at some sort of fancy brewery. The flames are then doused with a large vapor of mist, Lance then walk over to a refrigerator component to show the viewers the result of the heated up and cooled down beer that makes Flame Beer a hardcore drink to order at a bar. I know it’s a hardcore drink cause Lance has to use a leather glove to carry it around. Even the weight of the bottle sounds like it weighs a ton when Lance places it on the table as if it were a drink that is as hard as nails. Upon opening the bottle with a bottle cap opener Lance asks the viewers if its wrong to go extreme just to get a drink. No it’s not wrong if someone wants a beer that goes through a different process than the other beers do.

Most beer review websites cite this beer to be lighter than an average brand of beer. Suggesting that it won’t please die hard beer drinkers, but it’ll please those who can’t stomach the taste of it. Though any beer approved by Lance Henricksen is worth trying out, cause he’s a likeable actor who has portrayed dozens of memorable characters in movies and shows. While he has aged greatly since the airing of this ad, he can still kick but in action oriented films and deliver great dialog when doing voice overs.