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Ernest Borgnine Collects Stamps

His collection became as valuable as Nostradamus’s book.

I was going to do an article on a Marvel comics commercial, but with all of these great celebrities biting dust I had to postpone it hopefully for just this week. Unless someone like Kirk Douglas all the sudden kicks the bucket(And yes, he is still alive as of today). I almost didn’t decided to do an article on Ernest Borgnine if he didn’t have a commercial of his own. Luckily he did star in one which is a PSA on an unlikely subject. And that subject is stamps, yes you heard me folks a PSA on influencing people to buy stamps. Tried it once, when I got this magazine that influences kids to start stamp collections. Mine never got anywhere beyond a couple, which makes my pin collection look like the Birth of Adam. Anyways one commercial on Ernest Borgnine is better than none. If he did others ones I’ll definitely see about doing those, cause Ernest was an actor who’s been acting for so long that he has appealed towards us, our parents, and grandparents with the movies and tv shows he starred in. So onward to the summary about Ernest collecting stamps.

We see our pal Ernest getting himself into a bar fight. A good old “no holding back brawl” in which we see in just about any kind of western, war, or crime related movie. We see our pal Ernest getting the chair from some random patron. Ernest throws a punch to the patron after getting a chair smash on his, as long as someone’s getting bruises then it’s entertaining. The guy gets thrown out of the door, and Ernie is about to make the poor sap cry uncle. Until we hear a cut and it turns out the whole thing was just a performance on a sound stage. With Ernest taking a break from doing stunt work he introduces himself to the viewer in case the viewer doesn’t know who he is(how could no one not know Borgnine!). He then tells us that years ago, he discovered something exciting to do for a hobby. That hobby is of course stamp collecting, Ernie then tells us the best way to start is by getting the U.S.A. commemorative stamps that range from U.S. history to sports. He comments on how someday his kids will enjoy the hobby as much as he does. Then we’re shown a sponsored by the U.S. Postal Service logo for the closing of the PSA.

This came out in 1978, just about 6 years after Poseidon Adventure one of his most famous roles. I never recalled seeing a commercial on stamps let alone a PSA that tries to influence people to collect them. I wondered if Ernest’s kids did become interested in the hobby. He had three kids named Nancee, Sharon, & Cris Borgnine. Not much is known about Sharon Borgnine, but Nancee & Cris both have been associated with cinema and TV work. Cris Borgnine has three kids of his own from two marriages. It makes me wonder if Ernest’s grandkids like stamps either. I’m too certain unless I did an interview with the Borgnine family, but not sure how easy it be to get in touch with any of them. Well not much else to say about this PSA, other than Ernest was awesome and if you ever meet his family or his pal Tim Conway be sure to tell them he was a wonderful actor and decades from now people will still be fascinated how cool of an actor he was. For next week, it will be on Got Milk with the Avengers. Unless some other celebrity kicks the bucket and have to do an article on that person if they did a commercial that is.

The stamp you see right here is valuable too.


Grape Nuts with Andy and Barney

Grape Nuts Breakfast Time!

With the passing of Andy Griffith a.k.a. Andy Taylor or Matlock(for those who seen that show), I feel it’s necessary to do an article dedicated towards him with a commercial he starred in. There was a hand full, but I felt this one was the only good one, cause one was Christmas related and the other just showed him expressing how much he loved Ritz Crackers(if there’s a high demand, I’ll do articles on those ones). Why is this one the only good one, well it features Andy and his pal Don Knotts portraying the two cops of Mayberry, North Carolina; Andy Taylor and Barney Fife. If you think of Andy Griffith, you’d most likely think of this show, which made him most famous for right next to Matlock. While I haven’t seen all of the episodes of Andy Griffith show, I have seen more of it than Matlock which I never seen an episode of that show(I apologize for those of you who are fans of it). Anyways on to the summary about Grape Nuts and small town cops.

The commercial opens with Barney brings a platter which has a Grape Nuts Cereal box on top of it to the front desk and announces its “Grape Nuts Breakfast Time”. While Andy is seen looking at a newspaper. He puts away his paper, and grabs a bowl all excited as he pours some cereal into his own bowl. However Barney tells Andy that they need to exercise before eating their cereal. True fact Barn, cause everyone knows  cop needs to stay physically fit upon daily duties. Course Mayberry is such a small town, that it only needs two cops to patrol the whole area. So in short, they do need to stay in shape if they want to be able to out run any car thieves, burglars, or gangs. Which are uncommon in Mayberry from what I know, but you could never know if all the sudden John Rambo comes into town(as long as Barney doesn’t push him around otherwise Mayberry will end up being a war zone). But back to the subject, Andy isn’t too thrilled about exercise before breakfast, but Barney tells him how it works well with a nutritious cereal like Grape Nuts. So Barney talk Andy into doing a series of crouches while he says a catchy phrase to himself which goes “A Grape Nuts Breakfasts fills you up knock out”. He keeps repeating this phrase as her crouches his knees, Barney does some crouching along with Andy, but slips behind him and helps himself to some Grape Nuts. He says that it’s delicious while Andy continues to bend his knees while saying the same phrase about Grape Nuts.

This commercial can easily be mistaken for part of an episode of the Andy Griffith show, except I don’t recall seeing any of the character eating a bowl of Grape Nuts in the show before. Unless it was the episodes I haven’t seen including the color episodes made for the final seasons. It’s a good cereal commercial in my opinion, you can clearly tell the writers of the show are involved for this ad. It also leads me to some questions like, what would Andy do to Barney for slipping out of exercises and eat cereal instead? He’s already restricted to carrying only one bullet in his pocket while his revolver remains unloaded. Would that mean no bullets at all and is forced to carry around an unloaded gun and can only use it by making everyone think it’s loaded by not firing the trigger? Or will Barney be forced to buy all of Andy’s groceries for a month? That would give Aunt Bee more time to keep the house neat nad clean. Which ever the case it may be, Barn will surely get punished for eating Andy’s share of the Grape Nuts. I also wonder if they give Otis some cereal, depending if he’s slept in his cell over night or it’s not the time yet for him to check into the station to sleep off his intoxication. Sure he’s fried to the gills almost every time Barn and Andy see him, but I’m sure offering him a bowl of cereal would be a kind thing to do. Cause Otis rarely goes into any bar fights and is very responsible about his drinking problem that he would take shelter at a police station where he won’t get into any trouble when there’s two cops observing him.

Well that’s all there is to talk about for this commercial. I’m likely to do an article on just Don Knotts some point into the future, like the old video game ad that actually shows him as a prisoner instead of a cop. But let’s not get into that subject today, cause for next week I’ll be doing an article on another recently deceased celebrity which is none other than Ernest Borgnine in what has to be one of the most unlike PSAs to ever be made. Or most unlikely for someone like Ernest Borgnine to be in.

The Crying Native American

Happy First Anniversary!

White Men don’t care about the Earth.

It was one year ago, when I first started this blog. After doing the 50th article, I realize that it’s almost July so I had to do a really special article. Over the years I was always told about an old PSA made back when pollution was finally being noticed as a big problem to our country. I never actually seen this PSA until most recently, yet I have seen so many parodies of it over the years. It was parodied in MST3K, The Critic, Simpsons, and even most notably Waynes World 2. But how could someone my age, be able to see it when it was made before our time. I clearly never seen it on TV or any remakes for that matter. Thanks to Youtube, I finally understood what those who were born before 1970 were talking about. Let’s discuss about a more older PSA that some of you might know about or have heard about.

Hey we have a law against that!

Aw man those were a good pair of moccasins.

The PSA opens up to a scene featuring a Native American rowing his canoe through the flowing river. The scenery of the forest seems nice to look at, only to see that there was trash in the river. The native kept rowing till he finds himself in a city. Where he sees pollution as far as the eye can see, smog, trash, oil spills, and just a filthy place to live in(least to the native’s perspective). He docks his boat and sadly observes the damage Caucasians have cause ever since Amerigo Vespucci first discovered the North American continent(Keep in mind Columbus only discovered the Caribbean, why teachers claim he discovered America is beyond me). We all of a sudden hear a narrator speak out the following “Some people have a deep arriving respect for the natural beauty that was once this country”. The native approaches to the side of a freeway and gazes at the passing cars that may or may not notice him. But it’s not everyday you see a native on the side of an urban freeway. But it didn’t matter to the native, he finds the white men to be barbarians to turn a once beautiful land into an un-livable hell. We then see a driver throw a bag of trash out of his window which landed right on the native’s feet. Something that could have been disposed of properly, but the driver obviously didn’t care for nature and believed nature wouldn’t help him out in return. The narrator then says “And some people don’t” after the trash landed on the native’s feet. The native grew remorse that he was ignored as if he was invisible to the drivers. He then looks straight at the camera and gives out a tear showing us, that he doesn’t like how the country of the USA is heading towards. The Narrator then concludes with the words “People start pollution, people can stop it”.

That’s too complicated for people from the 70s.

We then see the image of a brochure that says 71 things you can do to stop pollution. With the Narrator telling you to write to the following address below. 71 ways to prevent pollution? That sounds like a real challenge there. Let me try to write out my 71 ways to prevent pollution, only cause I feel like it.(You don’t have to read the list below if you don’t want to).

    1. convince Car companies to switch from natural gasoline powered cars to vegetable oil powered cars (Imagine, no more paying high prices!).
    2. All those who are umployed can help clean up the trash by the side of the freeway(better than sitting around till you get a visit from the sheriff’s eviction order)
    3. Plant new trees to replaced the ones that were chopped down(simple enough).
    4. Try to make solar panels more affordable.
    5. Always cut the plastic can holders to tiny pieces(so that way animals won’t get trap in them or make Mr. Burns create a fish slurry company with them).
    6. Recycle(You read my Recycle Rex article so you should already know how important that is).
    7. Use energy-efficient light bulbs.
    8. Use public transportation.
    9. Bicycles don’t require gas so use them.
    10. If not then Golf Carts will do cause they are electric.
    11. Have one family own no more than one car.(If that creates a problem then ignore this suggestion)
    12. Turn lights off when you aren’t using them.
    13. Don’t pour anything harmful into drains leading to the ocean.
    14. Use trash cans to dispose of trash(the anonymous bystanders in that PSA should consider this one).
    15. Wrap your gum in a wrapper or paper instead of sticking it under a seat or table.
    16. Reuse paper that hardly has anything written specially for note taking.
    17. Use both sides of a paper.
    18. Use natural fertilizer and pesticides that has no effect on the water leading to the storm drains.
    19. Oil is reusable, consider not disposing of your can of oil today.
    20. Use plastic bottle water, you save money on your water bill if you drink other sources of water.
    21. Use reusable grocery bags for shopping.
    22. To prevent less use of gas combine all of your errands in one trip.
    23. Keep your car tires properly inflated.
    24. Don’t over fill your pump and make sure it’s at least half full.
    25. Get your car some service if it’s muffler is exhausting too much smoke.
    26. Support the smog check program.
    27. Shopping online can be nessacray for certain items you want.
    28. Walking is an activity done since the dawn of time, try doing it today.
    29. Add extra insulation to your home.
    30. Use an EPA approved fireplace or a wood burning stove.
    31. Use fluorescent lighting where possible
    32. Dry your clothes on a clothesline
    33. Insulate your water heater
    34. Install low flow shower heads
    35. Use a microwave to heat small meals
    36. Instead of a cheap portable air conditioner, use a fan
    37. Use a thermostat that will automatically turn off your heater or air conditioner when you do not need them.
    38. On days that there is unhealthy air, do not use your fireplace or wood stove
    39. Drive less, especially on days that have unhealthy air quality.
    40. Avoid using a leaf blower and any other kinds of equipment that blows a lot of dust around. Try a broom or a rake instead.
    41. Avoid vigorous activity on days that have unhealthy air as it will control the volume and depth of your breathing during these conditions
    42. Drive slowly on unpaved roads to reduce road dust
    43. Carpool if you have someone aboard for the ride. If not use a dummy to fool the cops, unless they have thermal goggles to find those who try that for a stunt.
    44. Turn off your computer when not using it.
    45. Create a rain garden.
    46. Save money on natural garden supplies.
    47. Think before buying something.
    48. Shop at stores that offer products in “loose” form and bring your own durable containers to the store for filling (e.g., flour, tea, coffee, pasta, beans, spices, nuts, etc.).
    49. Borrow books from the library rather than buying them, if a library doesn’t exist in you town then borrow them from a friend or relative.
    50. Reduce unwanted mail, take your name off mailing list for items you no longer read.
    51. Carry your own mug to the coffee shop and ask the employee to make your drink in it.
    52. Use durable products rather than disposable (e.g., refillable pens, lighters, & razors).
    53. Buy products in a bulk, this saves you money and reduces packaging/unit.
    54. Watch Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.
    55. Watch the documentary titled Fuel.
    56. Convince your congressmen to pass a bill to outlaw proposals for more Wal-Marts in this country.
    57. Convince the country of China to do something about their smog problem.
    58. Avoid burning trash.
    59. Use plants that don’t need fertilizer or pesticides.
    60. Install an artificial lawn, if the state you live in allows it that is.
    61. If noise is considered pollution then keep your stereo down, especially those of you who like to have it loud enough to increase the risk of being deaf.
    62. Collect rain water by using a barrel or something that’ll easily collect whatever rain has fallen from the sky.
    63. Water your garden early in the morning, avoid overflowing.
    64. Work with neighbors to organize a neighborhood cleanup day.
    65. Reuse old lumber.
    66. Seek business opportunities with environmentally sound companies.
    67. Find a way to advertise the awareness of pollution to those who turn a deaf ear upon.
    68. Use durable silverware and plates while at work.
    69. Make sure your appliances are energy efficient.
    70. Look at how Oregon was the first state to be active in preventing pollution, and try to learn how to be like those who live there.
    71. And finally, if you don’t feel comfortable buying actual books, buy the Kindle.

Ha! I did it! I beaten the challenge the PSA showed on a brochure that might not exist anymore. I had to look up some of these advice online, cause no average person could think of 71 ways on how to prevent pollution. Specially when it’s a question asked 40 years ago, back when hardly anyone gave a damn about the environment. Course within the years there has been improvements on what fuel we use for public transportation and recycling centers increased greatly since then. So it’s not as bad as it was back then, but we’re far from living on a planet that is entirely pollution free. Unless it be like in Star Trek where by the 23rd Century, the entire Earth is free from pollution thanks to the use of technology that doesn’t create waste on land, sea, or air.

“Wilbur!” “I’m Iron Eyes Cody!”

That includes the animals.

Let’s talk about the backside to this PSA. If you don’t know, the native American in this commercial wasn’t an actual native American. He was in fact an Italian American actor named Cody Iron Eyes. Real name Espera Oscar DeCorti, born on April, 03, 1907 passed away back in January 04, 1999. He altered his name to a shorter one which is simply “Cody”, he first began to appear in films as early as 1917 as a Native American dancer in a film titled “The Squaw Man”, he was so obsessed with the culture of Native American tribes, that he began to claim that he is a full-blooded Native American. Besides acting he participated in Native American communities in which he was honored for helping out various Native groups. Back in 1996, a New Orleans Newspaper company dig up Cody’s background and discovered he was not a a full fledge Native american and made a news article that sheds some light on his actual heritage being Italian and not Native American. Cody however decline the claim to be true, and declares he is not an imposter. Cody never came out and admitted that he was faking his own ethnic background as he passed away and was interred at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary. Over the years the public got wind of the actual fact that Cody was an Italian and has no Indian blood within him. It even clearly states in his background records which clearly spell it out in black and white that he was a white man. The last movie he ever starred in was an Ernest Worrell movie “Ernest Goes to Camp”. And today Cody Iron Eyes is now a subject of study thanks to his involvement in films and this PSA.

Even the Simpsons don’t respect the enviroment.

Other than Cody, the narrator of the PSA was William Conrad. Who you might know best as the Rocky & Bullwinkle narrator or Lord Denethor from the animated Return of the King. The PSA itself was sponsored by the Keep America Beautiful, a non-profit organization founded in 1953. It spawn a hand full of sequels over the years. Including one in which Cody is seen riding a horse in South Coast Pontinac Garden, CA where we hear the narrator tell us how community services have clean up the park to its original state, but it keeps getting dump with more litter which caused Cody to shed another tear upon seeing more trash in the wilderness. Another one features Cody walking on a beach with the announcer telling us how over the passed 3 years various major cities are cleaner with the following: San Diego 29%, Werton WV 44%, Indianpolis 81% cleaner, & Atlanta 42% cleaner. The PSA concludes with Cody and his horse standing on top of a junk pile that is supposed to take place in one of the cities that aren’t any cleaner which again causes Cody to weep at the sight of it. And we then see a brochure and a tagline to encourage other cities to clean up like the four other cities mentioned in the PSA. I find it ironic that Indianapolis was cleaner than the other three cities listed. Not saying it’s cause it has the name Indian in it, but I just find it to be too coincidental for it to be 81% cleaner. The final PSA aired back in 1998, and it’s much different than it’s predeccors. All does is shows some pedestrians waiting for the bus at a bus stop, and when it arrives they all abandon their trash without spending some time in going to the waste bin. As the bus departs, the bus stand looks like it was in a ghost town. Specially when the poster at the bus stop was non other than Cody himself. Not in person but as an illustration as if he already past away and his soul is tormented that Caucasians still litter the country. It rather haunting and but I think that was the purpose of it, cause Cody either retired from acting or was unavailable to be in the PSA. Which ever the case it be, it was an appropriate end to Cody.

“Do you speak Indian?” “No, but I was born in Indianapolis.”

I will haunt you in your sleep.

Do what the Indian says.

Wow, I’ve written a lot for this PSA. So I’m going to give out my comment and closure for this article. It was a well thought out PSA, the actor maybe stubborn for not admitting that he’s faking his ancestry, but he did do well in portraying a Native American. The only down side is that littering is no different than it was 40 years ago. I’ve visited a couple major cities previously, and it’s really trashy including the good parts of town. Sadly there will always be litter cause there will always be people who don’t care about the planet they live in. Including those who don’t watch those movies that have environmental messages. So if you’re interested in watching the PSAs, check them out below. Otherwise for next week will be an article on a commercial with Andy Griffith. An all American actor who recently departed from Earth.

His book.

The last resting place of Iron Eyes Cody.

Be sure to not litter his star.


Carl’s Jr. with Wimpy

He later got a restraining order from Carl’s Jr.

Remenber how I previously mentioned that Carl’s Jr. did had a line up of gimmick commercials. Well this is one of them, which is bascially clips of Wimpy eating burgers follow by an ad for their featured burger. I would love to have done their other gimmick filled commercials including the three stooges and the banned Playboy celebrities commercials. Unfortunately I neither her have the commercials or screenshots of them at this point of time. So I’m settling for this one cause, it uses the same formula as the Three Stooges one. Which Carl’s Jr. got permission from Paramount to pain stinkingly pick several clips of Wimpy eating a burger. I don’t even want to know who’s job it was to find all of those clips cause there’s 231 different theatrical Popeye shorts and a 1960 TV show which either had Wimpy or didn’t had Wimpy. Now for the ad’s summary to begin.

The commercial starts with a montage of clips of Wimp eating a burger. I would like to name the shorts these clips came from, but that would take me forever plus I’d have to watch every single Popeye short film in exsistence, which I don’t have the time to do. We hear an annoucer tells us that wimpy has eaten 15 burgers a day, everyday for the last 73 years. And then we hear Wimpy’s trademark quote “I’ll pay you a Tuesday for a hamburger today”. Kids today wouldn’t even know what that quote even means, well according to Urban Dictionary it means “The phrase implies the underlying feeling that the person will unlikely actually pay for the hamburger (or whatever) on Tuesday (or ever, for that matter).” If you were puzzled by that quote for years, well now you finally know it’s meaning. Then we hear the annoucer tell us excatly how many burger wimpy eaten for 73 years which is the exact total of 399,675 burgers. But then the annoucer tells Wimpy that he might want to brace himself. Which we are then shown the Gracumole Burger exclusively from carl’s jr., ending with Popeye appearing on the Carl’s Jr. logo like in the openings of his cartoons.

Let’s go over that again: 15 burgers a day, for 73 years = 399,675 burgers! Let’s say all of those burgers were a Famous Star with Cheese(since we’re doing a Carl’s Jr. article), so if Wimpy ate 15 of those every day for 73 years it would equal to 271,779,000 calories, 15,587,325 grams of fat, 5,595,450 grams of saturated fat, 31,974,000 milligrams of cholesterol, 4.8,760,350 milligrams of sodium, 22,781,475 grams of carbs, 1,199,025 grams of dietary fiber, & 4,796,100 grams of sugar! Wow that means Wimpy ate 10,551.42 pounds of sugar, which is like emptying 581,547 sandbags. Keep in mind that what I just said to you might come in handing for your math class. But make sure your teacher will approve fast food as an example of for multiplication problems.

My thought on this ad, it was educational that’s for sure. Specially for someone who like the taste of beef for any occation. The style of the commercial is similar to some other ones for Carl’s Jr. Will I do articles on those, like I said if I don’t have the ad or atleast the screenshots, I won’t make on without either of those two requirements. For next week will be my first year anniversary article which will be about an old PSA about a Crying Native American and the warnings of littering our highways and streets. Wow, it’s been a whole year now, how about that? Until then enjoy the commercial below.