FedEx with John Moschitta

Can’t talk now, there’s a package in my way.

Upon a special request, I decided to do an article on an old FedEx commercial. There were so many made in the past, but the one that stood out the most on Youtube was this one, which features the one and only Joe Moschitta. You’d all know him best as the fastest talking man in the world which landed his role as Blur the fast talking Autobot from Transformers. He is able to speak 1/4 of a second which I think is a good requirement when it comes to getting hired as an annoucer for that “As Seen on TV” infomercials. Like the Pro 200 infomercial I did a while. Joe can talk so fast he can make an auctioneer look like studdering idiot. But enough about Joe’s speech pattern, for we’re here today to talk about the commercial that made him famous.

Call me Pete.

I have a sharp mind.

Working hard can cause baldness.

Keep in mind that this commercial plays in a fast pace, so I had to watch it several times in order to know what was happening. The ad opens up to an office where we see a bussiness man talking incredibly fast on the phone about a business trip for L.A. and New York. He hangs up and askes the job applicant why he thinks he deserves a job at the company. The applicant says he has a sharp mind. The Business man like the response and hires him on the spot(don’t you wish all job interviews today are quick and satisfying?). The scene goes quickly to a different room where a meeting takes place and the business man just says it plain and simple at a fast rate that business is business, and in order to get work done we have to do it right away. Which the meeting concludes after a really really quick lecture. We then see the business man have a chat with another business suit who I swear looks like Jeffrey Tambor. The guy who uploaded the commercial claimed it wasn’t Jeffrey. But I’m not convince, cause how often do you meet someone who has a great resemblence to an actor who always plays frustrated authority figures in movies and tv shows. Anyways way they have a quick chat about a bank job in Pitsburgh or something and askes the Tambor impersonator if it’s ok to be called Pete. Which he’s perfectly alright with being called Pete for short. The yet another cut scene shows a receptionist telling the business man that a Mr. Smitler is here to see him. But the Business man tells the receptionist to have him wait for 15 seconds. The commercial finally concludes with the business man switching lines on his phone back and forth on various stock market exchanges and any other money related chats(Notice that he’s looking up which indicates he’s reading a que card). We then here the annoucer say “In this fast moving, high pressure, get it done yesterday world. Aren’t you glad there’s one company that can keep up with it all?” Which we then see a FedEx package placed on top of the business man’s desk, which he is still doing business chats over the phone. The ad concludes with the tagline “Federal Express, When it absolutely, positively has to be there over night”.

Work is never done around here.

Back when it was Federal Express.

Wait 15 seconds.

This commercial was produced by Sedelmaier who also produced the original Where’s the Beef commercials for Wendys. Not sure when I’ll do an article on those commercials, but within time when I feel like it. Cause I got others in mind to publish before hand. This commercial which I mention beofre did made Joe famous after it aired on TV. His talent landed him in various TV shows and other commercials. Such as the Micro Machine commercials from the 80s, but we’re not covering those ads for today. While he also did a humorious Sesame Street skit which he is a bussiness man for Peter Piper’s which sells products with the letter P. Which he says words that begin with the letter p in sentence if possible. But gets into a real hassle when the company was bought out by a company that only sells products with the letter S. Nothing else to say about this commercial, other than Moschitta is awesome and it takes mad skill to speak as quick as he does. For next week, will be another Carl’s Jr. commericial.

I get paid for every time I say a word that begins with P.

Where everything begins with P.

Fast Talking Autobot


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