The Thrill Can Kill with Olivia Newton-John

This is crack.

Yet another actress I didn’t know at first glance, until I discovered she was Sandy Olsen from the original Grease. Which I used to get the title confused with the country, until I finally did watch an old VHS tape on the movie to finally know what was the hype about the movie. After hearing about it so much from my parents, it was a good film. And today I completely understood the legacy it built up ever since it was originally released back in 1978.

Olivia – “It’s not too late to say no to Battlefield Earth.”

Tell me more, Tell me more, does go hi def?

The Gentle and Tough versions of Sandy Olsen

I’m sure you already know how it begins in the intro to these psas. We see Olivia say “This is a vial of crack, like cocaine” “As you may notice, it doesn’t come with a warning label” “If it did, it might tell you smoking crack takes the brain, nervous system, lungs, & the heart” “What it also say is crack can kill you” “The problem is no one knows how much it takes to do it” “So every time you try it, it’s a guessing game” “You can guess wrong with this stuff” “You die” And ends with the usual ending you already seen four times before.

Things are starting to look PG-13.

Was popular with all of the fitness groups of the 80s.

Wow a movie that begins with the letter X!

The one thing that makes this PSA different from all the rest, is that it’s the only Thrill Can Kill PSA with a non-American celebrity. Yeah you heard me right, cause Olivia was born in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, UK which says so on her IMDB profile for proof. And to this day people remember Olivia best for her role in Grease. Which she starts off with the sweet and gentle as a lamb Sand Olsen and then becomes the sweet and tough as a thorn rose Sandy Olsen towards the end. So I can see this PSA being likeable if it has the lead heroine from Grease. And after reviewing all five of these PSAs, I have come to a conclusion that crack is wack and always has been. There’s plenty of other good Drug PSAs out there but I’ll take a break from doing them for now. As for next week I’ll be doing an article on Randy Macho Man Savage with Slim Jim, cause it’s already been one year since he passed away.

Short hair is always awesome.

If the Goblin King from Labyrinth had a queen it be Olivia.

Yeah, I get unlimited ammo with this bandana.


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