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Playstation Pub

I’ve wanted to do this article for years, but I had to wait for it to age a little in order for it to be an advertisemnt time forgot.

The commercial opens up in the middle of a woods it was night time and the wood are so vast you wouldn’t be sure which way to go if you’re lost.¬†We see a soldier unleashing his parachute strap cause his parachute was stuck in a tree. He drops down and lands on the ground where he dask across the woods with another soldier who follows him right behind. We hear an air raid siren in the background suggesting that there’s a town or military base near by. The solider made it to a clearing where we see an inn. The leading soldier tells his friends “Now stay calm now.” They approach the inn and across to the left we see Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck parked in the shadows. Hopefully no one’s parked car will get blown up by the truck’s missiles this time. The soldier enter through the front door


Playstation 3

Playstation 2

Playstation 1

As you may of notice, I have not been up to date with this website for a while. There is a reason, my job is preventing me from working on this website so I had to post pone or leave some articles blank. Some of you might assume that I am going to quit this blog for good. That is not true, I intend to continue this website like always but I might not always be able to post a new article each week, but every two weeks if needed. So as I’m typing this statement, I will add more content to the previous articles I left blank as time progresses. I have so much to talk about when it comes to old commercials so quitting is not an option.

With that said and done, I think I will talk about the first Playstation commercial. With talk about the Playstation 4, I feel I should do some articles on the first ads for each of its predessors.

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