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Sweet Tooth at the Gas Station

Twisted Metal 4 is one of the last couple of Twisted Metal titles for the PS1. It also received a commercial of its own which this time it has Sweet Tooth acting in this one. Rather than the Twisted Metal 3 commercial in which you only see him in a cameo role. You even get to hear him speak for once as well, cause for this subject of the ad he’d have to do some talking as oppose to just using his psychotic laugh. With that said now for the commercial.

The commercial start-up at a retro style gas station where we see Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck getting filled up. I’m guessing it’s located in a small town cause in this day and age you rarely see any non-commercialized gas stations. We never get to see how much gas was at this station, though according to various websites, the average price for gas back in 1999 varied from $0.99 – $1.61 which is hard to believe in this day and age when it’s over $4 a gallon. Anyways back to the subject, various circus migets who work for Sweet Tooth are giving his car the works one is coming towards the truck with a bucket of water and a wiper. One is filling the gas tank with gas, while Sweet Tooth goes up to the hood of the car and demands the hood to be opened up. The circus midget complies to Sweet Tooth’s request and pulls a switch which instead of popping the hood it activates the wind shield wipers. Sweet Tooth isn’t amused by his own minion not knowing where the hood switch is. Another minion is seen cleaning the hub cap and knows that his friend is in trouble if he’s annoying Sweet Tooth. Sweet Tooth again demands the hood to be opened, so the same minion behind the steering wheel flips the next switch which launches a missile that is heading towards Sweet Tooth’s face but dodges it by an inch and the missile flies straight to a parked car which blows up upon contact. The minion who is still sitting in the driver’s seat watches in terror that he made a big mistake. We then see game play footage of the game Twisted Metal 4 and then we cut back to the minion who peers over the steering wheel to see Sweet Tooth filled with annoyance as the car is burning in the background he just gives his minion a dirty look but doesn’t say anything towards his lackey. It’s like he’s about to say “What am I going to do with you?” The commercial ends with the logo of 989 Studios the publishers of the game itself.

This commercial is as good as the Clown Prison commercial, only this time we see more Sweet Tooth this time. It raises some questions on what happens after the minion accidentally blew a parked car up. Does Sweet Tooth tie him up in the back of the truck while his other minions get to sit nice and cozy in the freezer section of the ice cream truck or does the minion get left behind at the gas station and end up getting arrested by the police who are sure to show up at the scene after getting a call from a pedestrian or the gas station attendant? Either way that minion is on his way to a world of hurt for not knowing where the hood switch is. I’m also curious what the driver of that destroyed parked car would react to see his or her own vehicle now a burned up scrap of heap? And would that person believe that it was the act of clowns who committed such a crime? Imagine the headlines for that “Parked car blown up across from a gas station, witnesses claimed it was the work of clowns”. Well it it would make a good news paper clipping or at least an internet phenonom with pictures of the wrecked car being tagged with all sorts of taglines.

Well this is it for this article, I’ll be doing the 989 studios X-Mas ad for later in December. Cause for next week I’ll review the old Aflac commercial with the Rankin Bass Rudolph characters. Be sure to see that next during the first week of December. For now enjoy the Twisted Metal commercial.


Federal Clown Prison

Now this commercial I’m more excited about discussing cause it not only has Sweet Tooth but as well as other characters that make the Diplomats in the last commercial look ordinary. And again even if you never played these games you’re sure as heck to enjoy them.

The commercial starts off with the inside of a prison court yard where all the inmates are clowns. One clown tells the other clown that Sweet Tooth got parolled today. And we then see the outside of the prison revealing to be a Federal Clown Prison with a prison buse passing by. I guess this would be the prison for Pennywise the Clown, the Firefighter Clown from Brave Little Toaster, Killer Clowns from Space, & any of the incarnations of the Joker. The clown with the Usopp like nose thought that Sweet Tooth was in for life. A prison guard with a billy club keep a keen eye on the clowns. When then see the clown who is spreading word about Sweet Tooth’s parol passes the news on to a clown lifting weights. The scene cuts to the clowns back in their prison cells. One says “He’s probably living the high life”. The clown with the hat rants on the things Sweet Tooth is probably doing right now including circuses, birthday party. But the other clown says that Sweet Tooth is driving around in an ice cream truck. This lead the ranting clown to stop ranting a said “Get outta town”. Game play footage is shown and then we see an armored ice cream truck driving by with a laughing Sweet Tooth enjoying his paroll. The ranting clown says at the end “You go Sweet Tooth!”

Awesome is probably the best thing to describe this commercial. I love the clown prison idea for a Twisted Metal ad, it’s probably the most unique idea for the franchises’ history of commericals. The idea is so good that there’s a lot to speculate and talk about. You can totally tell Sweet Tooth had a great reputation at the clown prison. It makes me wonder how he got out on paroll cause blowning stuff up with an armored ice cream truck can lead anyone to a life sentence. Maybe Sweet Tooth had someone on the outside bribe the prison staff. Much like the Joker has Harley Quinn backing him up in certain tight situations. I’m also curious about the crimes those other clowns commited, perhaps the crimes are related to starting up fights at birthday parties, swap meets, or circuses. Or robberies as one of the charges, I could list other ones but that would be boring. If there’s a clown prison I wonder what a mime prison would look like. I’d hate to be a prison guard spending all day watching a mime miming out that he’s imprisoned when he isn’t. I can go on with this discussion but that would make the article too long for one sitting. And I’m not planning to do another Atari Jaguar article length article again just yet.

So enjoy the commerical below and for next week I’ll do an article on Twisted Metal 4’s commerical before December starts. Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy what ever type of meal you’ll have wether it’s turkey, goose, duck, chicken, or veggie bird.

Twisted Metal with Fancy Diplomat Car Actors

Hi, due to endless hours at Disneyland, I had to postpone last week’s article for this week. I know this happened before, but I couldn’t find the time to get around with this article. So to make it up I published a second article as well. Which are Twisted Metal game commercials. When it comes to car destruction games, this was the game that laid the genre in the first place before other games with similar themes were made. There was no commercial for the original Twisted Metal game so I settled for this one instead. Which is the sequel Twisted Metal 2. And even if you never played the games, these commercials are very entertaining to watch. So if you’re a fan or not enjoy the article.

The ad starts off at a generic European location, not to be confused with the European dark street from MediEvil 2 commercial. The ad looks like a typical car commercials that always has an actor portray a diplomat observing and driving a fancy car that no one middle class person could afford. Even in today’s economy it wouldn’t be any different. So anyways the diplomat couple observe the vehicle that’s driving towards them and then parks itself in the middle of the road revealing to be a modified black compact car rigged with machine guns, napalm, and nuke missles. As several nuke missles launch from the car the couple is amazed by the handy work it does towards the burning building. Game play footage is shown and then we see the gentleman testing out the steering wheel with a PS1 visible on the passenger seat. While the woman checks out the side of the car and as she walks around it, bullets are seen piercing the side of the car and the woman unknowingly prevented herself from getting shot by an unknown assassin. So as the couple drive off in their new car, we see a hood ordiment revealing to be a PS1 logo(where can I buy one of those?).

According to the behind the scenes video, the commercial was filmed at the Czech Republic. While the explosion you see in the reflection of the gentleman’s glasses was a real explosion instead of a computer generated explosion done in post. While the bullet holes were made by a modified door that automatically creates the holes upon a mechanism made by the tech crew. They had to have some spare doors cause the holes can’t be removed once they’re made on the car door. While the last shot filmed for the ad was the flame thrower scene cause the heat of the flame melted the hood of the car. The car in general was found in the city of Prague and wasn’t street legal when the crew bought it.

Anyways this commercial was cool for a parody towards those fancy car commercials. It’s even more cool to find a video that actually explained some of the things that occured in the ad. A rare thing for some commercials. The next article is even beter, cause it has Sweet Tooth who is the prime mascot of all the Twisted Metal commercials. So go check out the ad for this one first and then check out Twisted Metal 3’s ad on the next article.

Cool Cat

Before you say anything, no this has nothing to do with Friz Freleng’s Cool Cat cartoons from the 1960’s. Also known as one of the last hand full of Looney Tune shorts to be used before the original run ended in 1967. No sir, today we’re not talking about the hip tiger that is sadly as forgotten as Bosko and Buddy. Today we’re going to talk about a cat used for the Sky company from the UK. This only aired in the UK, so it never aired outside of Great Britain towards my knowledge. It’s only one commercial and the only one of its kind from my knowledge so it’s perfect for this blog. So I proudly present to you Cool Cat.

The commercial opens with a black and white opening with Cool Cat’s face in the center like the same style as the older Disney and Looney Tunes short films. Except it immediately switches to color and Cool Cat breaks into a song which is “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night. He walks down the country side and into a town populated with anime/retro style characters who look like a hybrid of Tetsuka Osamu and Jhonen Vasquez art style. All the buildings and trees are living like something out of Toon Town from Roger Rabbit or H.R. Puffnstuff. While Cool Cat looks like a hybrid of Sonic the Hedgehog and Heathcliff the Cat. So anyways Cool Cat expresses how if he’s king of the world he would get rid of the gas-powered cars with more eco-friendly cars to make the air more cleaner. That way everyone would be at peace wildlife animals and humans a like. The commercials ends with a British announcer saying the following “The World is a beautiful place, we’ll carry on doing our bit to keep it that way, Sky , believe in better”.

Released back in September 2007, The commercial was directed by Richard Bazley with the help of WCRS and Animation Company HRA. The company its advertising Sky is a British enterprise that has multiple roles that helps the lives of the 10 million households in the UK. They are very devoted towards alternate and cleaner energy that can help the environment a whole lot more. Which I think is great that a big company like this is very committed to such a task like using energy-saving light bulbs and hybrid cars. Course in England, an average British citizen either takes a bus or uses a small car to get around. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of photos and movies that show how different the cars are over in Europe as oppose to the way cars look in America. Other than the license plates being different and everyone drives on the left side.

I’m totally surprised this character never caught on to the British public. Cool Cat is so likable that he’d be perfect as the PSA mascot of the UK environment. Much like how America has dozens of PSA mascots on the environment. Anyways I felt this character deserves to be heard about so now you all know his existence. And maybe some day Cool Cat will be brought back by popular demand. Enjoy the commercial below and for the next three weeks I decided to do articles on the earlier Twisted Metal commercials.