Playstation 1

As you may of notice, I have not been up to date with this website for a while. There is a reason, my job is preventing me from working on this website so I had to post pone or leave some articles blank. Some of you might assume that I am going to quit this blog for good. That is not true, I intend to continue this website like always but I might not always be able to post a new article each week, but every two weeks if needed. So as I’m typing this statement, I will add more content to the previous articles I left blank as time progresses. I have so much to talk about when it comes to old commercials so quitting is not an option.

With that said and done, I think I will talk about the first Playstation commercial. With talk about the Playstation 4, I feel I should do some articles on the first ads for each of its predessors.


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