Budweiser Lobster


Once again, another addition of a Budweiser animal commercial this time a Lobster. Who also had its own series of commercials like the ants from the previous two articles. This character however didn’t make too much impact towards the public compared to the Ants or Frogs. Which is all fine, cause if you never heard of the Budweiser Lobster before, you do now. As for this week I will be discussing the commercials and the character itself.

Next time, give me a Bud!

Sadly Ren has no Budweiser to escape with.

The article on the lobster.

The premise of the commercials are simple, a regular lobster who is about to get cook and the only way for it to escape is by taking a Budweiser bottle hostage. The individual who tries to cook the lobster would try to get the beer back and kill the lobster at the same time. However the lobster would find a way to evade his doom and manage to escape through the front door. The concept was used for the two commercials I found off of youtube. First one takes place at a restraunt while the second one takes place at an apartment building. Like the Bud Ice Penguin, you’d wonder if these two commercials feature the same lobster or are two separate lobsters who both crave for beer by stealing it from humans.

If you guessed that this character was created by the Character Shop company, then you’re none the wiser. The Character Shop company hired David McNally as the director for these commericals.You might know him best as the director of “Kangaroo Jack”, which was inspired by an urban myth and spawn a direct to video animated sequel which received lukewarm reception. The movie looked like it would have spawn a marketing deal due to the title character. But sadly it never happened, when was the last time people talked about that movie? It’s always good to see that Character Shop like to use different people to direct these ads. Numberous Lobster puppets were used for this commercial including one that runs which functions the same way as the xenomorph face huger puppets from Aliens. While the bolgging eyes of the lobster echoes the bulging eyes of the Anteater I was talking about last week.

Sadly never became a TV show.

OMG! It's Jackie Legs!

The lobster didn’t make any merchandise like the Budweiser Ant series or Budweiser Frog series had their own. But not all mascots need their own merchandise, in my opinion it was a clever idea to have a hostile lobster who views a bottle of Budweiser as either a priceless artifact or a living being considered precious towards the humans. I wish there was more to say about this character, but unfortunately there isn’t any other background info besides what I just mentioned in the last paragraph. Next week’s article will have a longer production history on the Budweiser Tortoises. Until then, enjoy the commercials on the lobster below.

Hey Moe, think fast! Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk


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