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Atari 7800

Sorry for the delay in the articles, but keep in mind that having a job that pays more can lead to unpredictable call ins, and man have I been popular to be on that kind of list. Which is good cause I’m getting more money than expected, which leads me to being able to work on my savings and purchase Godard paintings. Anyways due to no article last week, this week will be two articles to make up for the lost time. Now for the article I was meant to publish last week.

With the bad system outta the way for this week, I’ll be discussing the 7800. Which makes up the mess that was created by the Atari 5200. First put into the market back in June 1984 during a test run and then was officially released nation wide two years later. What does a 7800 actually do other than play 7800 games? Well for starters it is backwards compatible for 2600 games without the use of an adapter. That’s right, it was one of the earlier consoles to use the backwards method to make it convinent for gamers to play their older games on a newer console as well as some older ones. While the controllers this time actually work, yeah cause that’s how all system should be like, to be able to control the game with a functional controller.

The reason why the 7800 wasn’t released right away back in 1984 and instead was released two years later was due to the famous Video Game crash of 1983. It was a two-year period in which lead to an abrupt end to the second generation video game consoles in North America. There’s a lot of reasons why this occurred, but one of the reasons involves the fact that there were too many games and consoles to buy lead to heavy competition back in the early 80’s. It almost destroyed the video game industry as several companies went bankrupt due to low market sales on certain games. Atari was among the companies that almost went bankrupt due to the massively low sales on the infamous E.T. video game. With so many unsold E.T. games as well as some other titles, it was said that all of the unsold games went sent by 20 semi-trucks to a remote desert in somewhere in New Mexico and were buried in an unmarked spot. For years people have been trying to find that stash of unsold games but never fold it. It’s become a popular urban myth, cause there are skeptics that believe the whole situation of Atari deliberately abandoning their own games by burying them in a remote desert is doubtful. As most of those infamous games are sometimes found on various online auction sites.

Despite the better features it had, the system still failed in the market due to the Nintendo Entertainment System being a bigger saler at the stores. The 7800 sadly didn’t bring the Atari company out of the rubbish bin due to the failure of the 5200. The console was disbanded by 1991 the latest. Besides the 7800, there’s another console that was released during the 7800’s timeline, that of course is the XE. Which will be discussed in the next article.