Circuit City


Pluggy the Plug

Pluggy the Plug


Before I do my traditional beer month articles, I like to do an article on an extinct electronic store called Circuit City. While I was never a fan of the store when it was still in business, it was tragic for the place to go out of business during the early years of the economy going bad. I tried to apply there once, but they never got back at my resume and I’m glad they never did cause I would have only been employed for less than 6 months cause it was around the time when the stores were all going out. I even remember getting the Nintendo Wii version of Sam & Max Season 1 game for a low price on my last visit to the store. Anyways now for a brief history on the now defunct store brand.

The store started off as an independently owned retail store in Richmond, Virgina. The store was known as Wards back then and the founder of the store was Samuel S. Wurtzel, the name of the store was based on of the initials of Wurtzel’s family: W = Wurtzel; A = Alan; R = Ruth; D = David; S = Sam. The store eventually inspired other stores nationwide until in 1984 the Wards store became what is known for the rest of its life span: Circuit City. Which then lead to a long line of memorable commercials for the next 20 years. The commercial I found to be most memorable was the 1989 Anthem Song. It was the theme that I most associated with Circuit City, the moment I hear that catchy tune I immediately said: “Circuit City!”. Even after they stop playing the song on their ads I still like to hum the slogan in the song that goes: “When you’re at Circuit City, where service is state of the art!”. The only mascot the company was known for having was Pluggy the Plug who only appeared in a few TV ads from 1998 to 2001. He never spoke and only appeared with the products that Circuit City had to offer. The character was also created to associate with the giant plug that forms the entrance to the store in all of the early commercials.

By 2009, after no longer able to keep up with competition and unable to find a buyer, all of the Circuit City stores in the USA went out of business for good. And after that a lot of the former stores became something else or they are still intact as a grave site of what used to be a booming electronic store. But it was a loss I didn’t mind cause I did mention that I wasn’t a big fan of the store to begin with. Also with the increase of the usage of online shopping and other retail stores that sell electronics and appliances, there’s no need for there to be a dozen different brand stores when only a hand full is all you need to buy when you need for your TV or computer.

Anyways enjoy the theme song commercial and be prepared for next week’s Second Anniversary article!


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