Phillip Morris Cigarettes with Lucy & Ricky Ricardo

Here is an article that my mom suggested to make after she previously visited the Lucille Ball museum. Since there is a good number of old commercials featuring the actress, it’s perfect for this blog. Also if you live in a house like mine, Lucille Ball is the most common image to see upstairs and down stairs. So after one month of Star Trek articles, I might as well do an article on an old commercial based on one of the earliest sitcoms that broke a few rules back in the 50’s. Also I don’t believe I ever did an article on a cigarette commercial before. Mainly cause it was a short-lived concept for advertising and there’s very few mascots for the product. Over the decades large measures have been made to minimize the advertising of tobacco related products in America including increase of non-smoking areas, tax on the purchase of tobacco, and the banishment of TV ads on cigarettes. Keep in mind that this ad aired back in the 50’s way before people knew smoking can cause cancer and other life threatening conditions. Which unlike today where there are ads that encourage people to quit smoking, I might do an article on one of those ads another time. Now for the summary.

The commercial opens with an obnoxious bell boy who shouts out “Call for Phil-lip Mor-ris!” who even has a patch of the same catch phrase. He makes the slow talking elevator operator(who says 30th floor slowly in a humorous way) from “Daffy Duck Slept Here” short film look like Ben Stein. Then we cut to Lucy & Ricky having a smoke break. Ricky notices they are down to their last cigarette and asked Lucy to get a new pack. Lucy then removes the painting behind them to reveal a safe and she takes out a new box of Phillip Cigarettes. Ricky who is now holding up the box tells the audience they probably think that he and Lucy are making a fuse on protecting their brand of cigarettes but tells the viewers that it’s their way of showing how precious the brand is to them. He would definitely know the basics of good tobacco after growing up on a tobacco farm in Cuba as hinting in the “Passport episode”. Ricky then expresses how smooth the flavor to the cigarettes are that they’re easy on the throat. At first yes, but if you smoke them long enough you’ll end up having a hole surgically inserted in your throat. So Rick tells viewers to call for Phillip Morris King Size pack at your local store. He encourages the viewers that they’ll love the brand and that Ricky and Lucy will love them for buying the brand over the other brands at a store. Lucy then kisses Ricky and he asked her what the kiss was for and she tells him he said it so beautifully. Ricky laughs a little and tells the viewers good night and Lucy says see you next week. Then we see the brand of cigarettes being advertised with the I Love Lucy show next to it.

This ad aired along with the show when it originally aired on TV in the 50’s. But was removed during reruns for various reasons. There’s not much to say about this ad, but I can tell you a little history on Phillip Morris. It was named after an actual Phillip Morris, a European who started his own tobacco company in 1854 in England which expanded to America by 1902. The company named was changed to Altria Group in 2003 and by 2010 the company shutdown due to a drop in needed cigarettes. I’m not surprised cause in today’s economy it’s not wise to get a job at a tobacco company when tobacco is a leading cause of a million deaths each year. Anyways hope you enjoyed the article as my mom will definitely enjoy it if it has Lucille Ball or anyone associated with the actress. Check out the next article on a Ray Harryhausen cigarette commercial.


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