DirectTV with Kirk, Spock, & Chekov

With the new Star Trek in theaters, I decided to do one month of Star Trek commercials starting with this one. Back in the day, DirectTV used to do these movie theme commercials where they actually hired the actual actors for whatever movie they were in and are used as a theme for the ads. Here’s how the ads go, it starts off with a clip or reinactment of a movie we all know and then we immediately know it’s a bogus clip when one of the characters starts bragging about DirectTV and what it has to offer. So now for the summary of the commercial.

We start with the Enterprise in space being pursued by a Klingon Bird of Prey. We cut to the interior of the Enterprise to see Captain Kirk entering the bridge. Pavel Chekov suggests to Kirk that they raise shields. Kirk however tells Chekov to take it easy and expresses how he should relax and enjoy the new HD input they put into the Enterprises’ view screen. As we see the Bird of Prey firing up its laser on the screen, but we never see the ship fire the Enterprise so it was probably a misfire. Then he leaves the bridge suggesting that Starfleet should tone up the HD processers on all Starfleet ships otherwise it be illogical to not do so. Spock didn’t like how he didn’t get to say his line, and Kirk all goes “What I can’t use that line?” as he goes down the elevator. Yeah it’s all cool if Kirk doesn’t see hostile Klingons to be any threat to the ship. Then the commercial ends with the theme of the earlier Star Trek movies being played.

This commercial takes place somewhere between the second movie and the six movie as hinted by the red jacket uniforms that the characters wore in their later years in Starfleet. Not many of the original cast members are seen in this commercial either due to pay check issues or didn’t want to wear the uniforms again. This is probably the last time that William Shatner will portray James Kirk, as the role of the character was taken over by Chris Pine for the Star Trek reboot franchise reintroducing the franchise to a newer generation and paying tribute to the old series. Keep in mind that this commercial aired in the mid 2000s, so it was slightly before J.J. Abrams came along to revive the series with a movie the borrows elements from the original series but present it in a whole new way. Those movies are really good so far, as it makes me curious what future movies or shows it will bring about. For me, I’m most interested in seeing if they’ll do a series of Next Generation movies after they finish up with the original Star Trek movies for the reboot franchise.


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