Turbo Grafx 16

Here is the least competitative console of the 90’s: the Turbo Grafx 16. While Nintendo and Sega were competing in the market during the 90’s, the Turbo Grafx didn’t bother to try to out match either of them so it just sat in the corner with no worries. That’s cause it was the first “Fourth Generation Console” in the market so it was already in stores before Super Nintendo and Genesis were around. The console was released back in October 1987 in Japan known simply as the “PC Engine”. It was released in America two years later, and a year later for Europe. It uses “HuCards” for its games which is different from the common cartridge games used at the time and it also had a CD add-on for its own CD game library. While it did well at first during its early years in the market. The console suffered during the later years due to the lack of third-party game company support. The same problem would occur for the Atari Jaguar. And thus by December 1994 it discontinued production in Japan and the following year in America. Years later various Turbo Grafx 16 games would get re-released on the Nintendo Wii so as off today the console’s own games are available to the public interested in playing one of the first Fourth Generation Consoles. Enjoy the commercial below and check on my opinion on the Phillips CD-I.


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