Like the Colecovision, the Intellivision was another console trying to beat out Atari back in the 80’s. The console was first developed back in 1978 by Mattel a year after Atari introduced the 2600. It was first tested with the market back in 1979 and then was commercially by 1980. It’s similar to the Colecovision with the similar concept of graphics excluding them both having the word “vision” in their names.

Fortunate for Intellivision it did not receive any threats from Atari as it did not try to rip them off by making any Atari 2600 add-ons to the console(excluding making fun of Atari in the commercials). Instead they presented an add-on that was really unique at the time. That product is called the “Intellivoice Voice Synthesis Module” an add-on that allows players to hear “voices” which at the time was a new thing to actually hear a voice on a home console. However the voice for the add-on is a scratchy computer like voice that has been lampooned by James Rolfe in his Intellivision review. While the product was only compatible with only four games: B-17 Bomber, Bomb Squad, Space Spartans, & Tron: Solar Sailer. Voice work in video games would not be a common thing until at least another decade.

By the time the video game crash occurred, Mattel was giving out massive layouts to the Intellivision game designers and after receiving a 300 million dollar loss in the sales of the console, Mattel decided to give the Intellivision the ax. Making it the first console to become victim to the video game crash. With only 125 games made for the console and only 3 million units were sold. Making it’s life span as short as the Colecovision ironically both consoles bit the dust with no or few successors in plans. The Intellivision would go on to be known as the 14th best game console on IGN’s website and a majority of its games were re-released on various modern-day consoles. With that said enjoy the commercial and check out my next review on the Turbografx 16.


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