Happy 100th Article!

A hundred articles have been made up to this point and it was worth it. Like for my 50th article I present to you a five-part article on five separate ads. Or in this case, five commercials advertising five games consoles. These are dubbed as “the Obscure Game Consoles” cause all five of them either did not last long or had no successors. Starting with Atari’s competitor the Colecovision from 1982. The console was released back in August of 1982 and had 12 titles to choose from at its launch date. It offered near-arcade-quality graphics which at the time to own a console with the same graphics as an arcade cabinet was revolutionary at the time. The idea would eventually lead to better consoles that are capable of featuring actual duplicates of various arcade games. The console did really well at the market as it sold more units than Atari’s 5200 console(which we all know it was due to the bad controllers and wiring problems). It sold over a million units until the day of “Video Game Crash” occurred in 1983. Because of that tragic era, the Colecovision sales decreased and by summer of 1985, the Coleco company withdrew from the game market like other companies were doing at the time. By October 1985, the manufacturing of the Colecovision was officially discontinued with only a 145 games in total for its own library of games.

The Colecovision had some interesting add-ons to it such as a steering wheel, dual joint sticks, a trackball, and an add-on to convert it with an Adam computer. Though the one add-on I like to comment on is the one simply called the “Expansion Module #1” which is a device that allows players to play Atari 2600 games on a Colecovision. This device immediately lead to Atari trying to sue Coleco for marketing a device that allows people to play Atari games on Colecovision without any written permission. However Atari lost at court cause the parts used in the Expansion Module were off the shelf parts that are not found inside an Atari 2600 so Coleco was allowed to still sell the Expansion Module for their own console and they even had the freedom to create an Atari 2600 clone console called the Coleco Gemini. This lead to Atari kicking themselves in the but for being ruined by a company that has rip them off. This kind of thing would never happen today, or as James Rolfe has said in his AVGN episode of Colecovision: “It be like if Sony decided to make an Expansion Module for the PlayStation that allows you to play Xbox game, there will be law suits stack up left to right!”. How right he is, this situation would go much more chaotic in today’s standards than back in the 80’s.

The Colecovision had a good run despite that it only lasted for two years in the markets and made an enemy with Atari. The console never had a successor excluding a duplicate console made in 1986 by the Bit Corperation called the Dina sometimes called the Telegames Personal Arcade. I think the latter sounds more plausible for a console name cause it’s unusual for a game console to have a girl’s name. ranked it as the 25th best console in existence during their 2009 run down on top video game consoles. Anyways that’s all there is to say about the Colecovision, next up is the Intellivision.


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