And now I present to you the main course of the “Obscure Game Consoles”: the 3DO! While not as bad as the CD-I, it still had some pet peeves of it own making it obscure in its own right. The 3DO was released back in October 4, 1993. Unlike its competitors, the 3DO was manufactured by different companies during its years in production. Like the CD-I it was $700 at average retail stores, so it was not a big seller as no gamer would pay that much when a Genesis & Super Nintendo were more affordable. Despite the high price, the 3DO did show case some really cool games that put the CD-I games to shame in comparison. While the main reason the console didn’t catch on was the lack of third-party game company support. And we all know that the only way to survive in a video game market is by having a lot of friends that will help you out in a rough spot. While the game Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties was deem as one of the worst games on the console when it hardly plays like a game and it’s plot is too weird to watch like a movie.

The 3DO was only in the market for three years with over 300 games to choose from. It had plans for an online service feature which never got made due to the lack of good sales on the console. A successor console was in the works called the M2 but it was scrap way before the 3DO’s production line ended. So after the 3DO bit the dust, it later became an interesting piece of history to game historians and younger gamers who are interested in learning about past game consoles. And I’m sure it makes a great history lecture, teaching us that high price game consoles don’t do well in a game market. So this concludes the five-part obscure game console articles. Tune in next week for a special month of a particular theme commercials.


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