Cadbury Rabbit Try Outs

Today’s Easter so why not some Easter commercial for once. I didn’t do any last year so I’ll make it up with you with this article on the most recognizable mascot for Easter commercials: The Cadbury Rabbit. Since they still advertise this rabbit from time to time, he’s not quite a character time forgot as of yet. So I’ll just focus on these pair of commercials which are in takes of auditions, or in this case auditions to be the next Cadbury Rabbit. I know it’s “Bunny” but I prefer “Rabbit” to make is sound less silly to discuss.

For the first ad I never actually seen this one cause it was made a year before I was born. But since it’s similar to the second one, I couldn’t refuse to include it on this article. The commercial takes place on a small stage where various rabbits are auditioning to be the new Cadbury Rabbit. They are all being judge by an unseen observer who will decide if any of them can out perform the current Cadbury Rabbit. The first rabbit croaks like a frog, the observer shouts out “Next!” Curtains are drawn and another rabbit tries out by barking like a dog. The observer says “Sorry” as the curtain draws down once more. Least this observer is less violent than the Moogle from the Final Fantasy 3 commercial. We see yet another rabbit trying to audition and we hear a Narrator say “This year, lots of bunnies are trying to be the Cadbury Bunny”, and then the rabbit contestant makes an elephant sound. The curtains draw again and the narrator informs us with “But there’s only one Cadbury Bunny” and we see the rabbit himself clucking like a chicken. Showcasing a basket of Cadbury candy. One being Mini Eggs and my personal favorite Cream Eggs. The commercial ends with the tagline “Nobunny(not a typo) knows Easter better than Cadbury’s”.

The second commercial is the one I remember since childhood and was my introduction to the Cadbury Rabbit.  The location takes place on a much bigger stage than the other one and we see various contestants trying out to be the next Cadbury Rabbit. Except this time instead of rabbits we now have a different animals trying to impersonate a rabbit. Starting with a pig wearing bunny ears who clucks like the Cadbury Rabbit. Next a lion who give out a loud cluck, but I think he’s better off going to the MGM try-outs cause they haven’t used a new lion for their logo since 1957. Next is a cat who isn’t doing the role justice. The final contestant is a white llama, but unfortunately the one and only Cadbury Rabbit still holds the position as Cadbury’s mascot. The commercial ends with the same tagline as the other commercial.

These ads are very memorable and represent how good an Easter ad can be without seeing the same old theme each year. I give the second commercial most credit for giving the whole “Cadbury Rabbit Try-Outs” a spin by having anonymous animals trying out for the role. While I enjoyed the one with the elephant noise making rabbit, I cast my vote for the rabbit-ear wearing Lion commercial as my personal favorite Cadbury Rabbit commercial. Every Easter I always think of this commercial or whenever I eat some Cream Eggs. Very few people I talk to ever talk about the ad for some reason, so figure I shed some light on it so that way all of you out there can spread the word that there exsists a commercials where a lion try-outs out to be the Cadbury Rabbit. Anyways for next week I’ll be doing an article on the Woody Woodpecker Show for next time. Until then Happy Easter and if you don’t celebrate Easter then Happy non-Easter.


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