Davey & Glitch

Like the KB & Friends PSAs I’m sure a lot of you 90’s kids remembered this one. It aired on various networks that had cartoon line ups particularly Saturday Morning Line Ups. In fact I remember they use to air this just as frequently as the KB & Friends PSA along with dozens of other PSAs giving us kids a positive message about the dangers of drugs and other issues that were common in the 90’s but sadly are still common today. Let’s now go over the summary of this PSA.

The PSA opens up with the logo of the characters you’re about to see, and then the logo gets pulled up like a curtain and we see a kid who addresses the audience with “My name is Davey, and I want to tell you about my friend Glitch”. He pulls the background to the side where you see a Canine like animal who is Glitch by the way putting on roller blade gear. Davey who is now narrating tells us “He’s done some pretty dopey things like roller blading down a roller coaster” Where we then see Glitch roller blading down a generic roller coaster you’ll find at any fair or amusement park. I bet Glitch got banished for pulling a stunt like that. Next we see Glitch in a wrestling ring where Davey tells us “He even thought he can be a pro wrestler”. Which we then see Glitch get flatten by someone who looks like the Crusher from the Looney Tune shorts “Rabbit Punch” & “Bunny Hugged”.  The scene changes again where Glitch jumps out of the plane and Davey informs “Then he thought he could fly”. Where we now see Glitch trying to flap his arms in hope that he can fly down to the ground safely. This can be really if it didn’t kill him which it didn’t since he resembles a cartoon character from slapstick genre where characters don’t get hurt no matter how much damage they received.  Finally we see Glitch being harassed by a group of anonymous drug addicted kids who are crowding his space with smoke and keep showing him joints in hope that he’ll join them to get high. Davey then says “And once, some kids try to get him to do drugs”. Glitch was frustrated by the uneducated kids and then goes “BEAT IT!” so loud that the smoke and the drug addicted kids all flew away like the wind. Glitch tells the audience that “I’ve done some dopey things, but I’ll never do dope!” Davey joins his friend and they both said “Drug free is the way to be!”. Ending the PSA with the logo.

No other PSA was made on Davey & Glitch, this is the only PSA I know of that they’ve starred in. In my opinion it looks like something that would have a series of 10 PSAs like other average PSA commercials. Regardless of it being a one shot PSA, Davey and Glitch hold a special place in my memories of the many PSAs I grew up with as a kid. I’m not sure who did Davey’s voice, but I’m really positive that Jim Cummings did the voice of Glitch. Everytime I hear Glitch’s voice I kept thinking of Bonkers. I can’t think of any other possible actors for the role of Glitch so it may very well be Jim Cummings. Looking back at it I always found the “BEAT IT!” line to be humorous. I wonder if Glitch does that during other situations besides drugs, like being annoyed by persistent salesmen, the neighbor’s guard dog, or the co-worker at the office space who never shuts up when you want him to. Just shout out two simple words “BEAT IT!” and your problems are over. Not to mention that Glitch would do stunts like roller blading on a roller coast, getting flatten by a wrestler, and jumping out of a plane with no parachute, but he’ll never smoke joints or do any form of drugs. I guess it beats being at a drug rehab when healing from receiving various broken limbs is better for Glitch. Anyways I would like to go on with this article but since this PSA is only 30 seconds long there isn’t much to say about it. For next week will be an old Easter commercial on the Cadbury Rabbit.


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