Sega Dreamcast with the Dreamcast Thief

The final Sega console to ever be made. This is it folks, this is the last console Sega ever made. It first came out in Japan back in November 27, 1998 & September 9, 1999 for US. Which was a big deal back then that it was release on 9/9/99. The console was the first of the sixth generation consoles predating Playstation 2, XBox, & Game Cube. The lauch of the console was meant to be a comeback in the gaming market after the disaster of the Saturn. With a stronger marketing plan and reformed studios to create a variety of games, the Dreamcast was well received at the start of its release. It even had a cool commercial for the introduction of the console which I’ll describe on the next paragraph.

The commercial opens up with a Japanese female thief trespassing at a highly secured building somewhere in Japan. She’s using some highly advance computers in a dark room. The lights turn out which she then reacts quickly by handing on the ceiling when the watchman enters to investigate why the computers are on. When the watchman lowers his guard, the thief lowers herself from the ceiling and knocks the guard out cold before he even knew what hit him. The thief un plugs a device that she’s eager to get away with but this causes the whole building in an all state alert. She quickly puts the device into her brief case and dashes through the building hoping to escape. Much like the final level of Tomb Raider: Chronicles except Lara Croft is British. The thief escapes the building before the armored gates closed in. She runs through the city only to discover that she’s being tailed by security cameras that are keeping tabs on her location. She then tries to escape by motorcycle, however the company that wants that device back rigs the traffic light so that way she ends up crashing at a passing car and then she finds herself landing on the hood of a police car where she’s not too happy that she’s going to jail. The device she tried to steal was revealed to be a Sega Dreamcast, where we see inside of the console revealing to be a whole civilization of Sega character cheering that the thief got caught with Sonic shouting “We got her!” Ending the commercial with the slogan “It’s thinking” which can be heard towards the end of most Dreamcast commercials.

The sales for the Dreamcast were really good during the late 90’s. However when Sony released their Playstation 2 the following year, more people were buying that console over Dreamcast. Sega eventually realized that they did not have the resources compete against Sony due to financial reasons. By March 30, 2001 Sega discontinued the console which is a lot shorter than the life span of the Saturn. In Japan production of the console was continued until 2007. The console also received homebrewed games much like for Atari’s earlier consoles. And as of today the console has a fan following despite that it couldn’t keep up with the competition it had when it was still in production.

So there you have it, I reviewed all of the Sega consoles, all of the famous and all of the infamous ones. I know I’m leaving out Game Gear, but like the Atari Lynx, it’s a handheld console so I’ll save it for a month when I’m doing handheld console commercials. After Sega finally called it quits on making new consoles, they decided to just focus on making games for their competitors. And before you know it, Sonic is now seen on Nintendo, Sony, & Microsoft related games. A decade ago no one would believe that would ever happen, but now and days anything is possible when it comes to video games. Right now there’s only three competitors: Nintendo, Microsoft, & Sony. But someday one of them will be making games for one another and thus no more competition. Until that day comes there’s three different game consoles to choose from in the market. For next next week I will be doing an article on an old car commercial with Billy West voicing Speed Racer.


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