Fruit Roll Ups Factory with Nicktoons

The 90s, it was a golden era for Nickelodeon. The same can be said about the Disney Channel and Fox Kids. The reason being is that it was the decade when Nick finally got their own cartoons for their channel as oppose to airing Canadian, British, & certain Japanese cartoons. After the beginning of the 2000’s the number of good cartoons decline on that channel. I do admit I enjoyed SpongeBob which is one of the fewest good shows on the channel right now, but the rest drew no interest to me. I got nothing against kids who watch the shows today but it’s always cool that some of them become interested in knowing what aired on Nick before they were born. Which I hope this article will draw interest to those who like to know what Nick was like in the 90’s and those who were around during that era like I was to relive that part of childhood.

Fruit Roll-Ups as well as it’s counterparts Gushers & Fruit By the Foot had an abundance of commercials during the 90’s around the same time as the golden era of Nickelodeon. Now and days these products still sell in the market but without any commercials to go with them. If you were yearning for me to do an article on any of the old Fruit Roll Ups Factory commercial yearn no further. For those who don’t know what the Fruit Roll Ups Factory is, I give you a brief history on it. It was a series of commercials that focused on a new idea for a Fruit Roll Ups product, each commercial always takes place in a massive factory that is usually run by kids. There’s so many different kinds of commercials on that factory but today we’re only going to focus on one single commercial which is the Nicktoons edition of Fruit Roll Ups.

The commercial opens up with the announcer stating: “The quest for the new Fruit Roll Ups continues”. In which the camera zooms into a sliding factory door with Fruit Roll Ups Factory displayed on it. We then see Ren appear in pushs an on/off switch to on. He announces to his friend Stimpy with “Finally Stimpy, it is ours!” As he monologues we see Stimpy watching Ren from a distance along with Ickis & Krumm from “Real Monsters”, Rocko from “Rocko’s Modern Life” & Doug from “Doug”. Ren continues with “Don’t you know what that means?” “The creation of my very own stinky sweat socks!” Doug, Stimpy, & Rocko are all paired together with Doug finding the whole plan to be ludicrous and says “He’s gone mad!” while Stimpy shouts out to Ren: “No Ren!”. Ren now strap to a restraint table with his legs lifted to a large vacuum like device while wearing his socks as he plans to have the socks suck into the vacuum he shouts “Yes! Yes! Yes!” While Stimpy accidentally bumps a switch to the vacuum which was originally on normal suck to the third level suck. Ren not liking that Stimpy mess up with the mechanism to the vacuum and Ren shouts “Look what you done!” The vacuum sucks up more than just the socks as it sucks up Stimpy, Rocko, Doug, Ickis, & Krumm, along with Ren crying out “My plan’s ruined!” As they all travel through a suction pipe Ren called them all “Idiots!” Then an assembly line of Nicktoon fruit roll ups are made with the announcer saying “It’s Nickelodeon peels outs! Ren, Stimpy, Doug & more!” A factory technician kid tries one of the newly produced products as the announcer then says “Nickelodeon characters now on Fruit Roll Ups!” “What fun Fruit Roll Ups will we roll up next?” which the tagline for the end of each of these ads. After the kid ate a Nicktoon Fruit Roll Up he immediately starts spinning like a Tasmanian Devil. Since half of the Nicktoons used for the product fall under slap stick.

This commercial always got me pumped as a kid cause every time I see a Nicktoons product on TV I desperately have to buy it. It was a feeling that would last until the late 90’s know as the end of the era for the Golden Age of Nickelodeon when the original shows either went off the air or came back during one of those limited time reruns that Nick tends to do in this day and age. Luckily with TV show DVD sets being common Ren & Stimpy, Rocko, Real Monsters & Doug are all commonly available on DVD for those who either miss seeing them on TV or for those who missed out on seeing them cause they’re no longer on TV anymore. Either way they’re more commonly available than they were a decade ago. Now to say a few things about the commercial, every Fruit Roll Ups factory is usually compacted with detail with various factory machinery that makes you want to watch the ads several times in order to see all of it. I also can imagine that this ad wasn’t expensive to make when they only had Billy West doing the voices of Ren, Stimpy, & Doug. If Ickis, Krumm, & Rocko had speaking roles for this ad they would had to get Charlie Adler, David Eccles, & Carlos Alazraqui to do their respective roles. Overall it’s a great piece of Nickelodeon history here. I could do another Fruit Roll Ups article but my schedule is too packed to do another one as of right now so instead next week I will do an article on the first Sega Master system commercial the predecessor to the Sega Genesis.


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