Visa with Avengers, X-Men, & Underdog

Here’s another credit card commercial only a different gimmick and it’s Visa this time not Mastercard. The gimmick in question is Marvel super heroes, I enjoyed doing the Got Milk commercial with the Marvel heroes. So I couldn’t help it but do another one that revolves on these characters. While I did remember the Got Milk commercial, but for this ad I have no recounted memory of ever seeing it on TV. But thanks to youtube I was able to see what I missed out on. And it’s too good to not be mentioned on this blog.

The commercial starts off with a woman screaming out “help me!” in the middle of an un-named city. And continues to beg “Will someone please help me!” Only to see a bright flash of light which turns out to be Thor summoning thunder to his mallet. Then we see Captain America bursting out of the concrete, I assume he was previously battling Mole Man but why he’s down there to begin with is something we’ll just ignore for right now. We then see Spider-Man swinging through the air with his web shooters, lands on top of a car and then groups up with the other gathered Marvel characters with the addition of Storm and Wolverine. They’re all ready for battle and are expecting the un expected. Only to hear this from the woman – “Someone stole my Visa check card!” The heroes drop their poses and gave out moans of annoyance. Captain America is seen mocking the lady with a girlish impersonation “my check card” good one Cap’n. While Spider-Man informs the lady with “Read my lips, if your Visa check card is lost or stolen, you’re not liable for fraud and charges!” While Captain America says – “And all that money will be put back into your checking account” ending the sentence with a “sheesh”. The heroes all left seeing that it was just a false alarm. It be funny if it happen to them all the time in the same case scenario where the Huntsman from Freakazoid never had a case cause it’s always a false alarm upon being called by the police. We then hear an announcer say “Signing a Vise Check Card is super-super safe”. After the Marvel heroes left the woman alone, another hero shows up to aid her which turns out to be Underdog. Not the live action version voiced by Jason Lee but the ORIGINAL Underdog who’s alter ego isn’t a house hold pet of Jack Unger played by Alex Neuberger. Underdog swoops down and says “There’s no need to fear! Underdog is…” Only to be cut off by the woman who says nevermind and Underdog leaves in disappointment.

Keep in mind that this ad was made before Disney acquired rights to all of the Marvel characters, which now all Marvel movies are produced by Disney with the exception of the use of live-action movies where as long as Spider Man is still own by Sony while Fantastic Four & X-Men are own by Fox Disney won’t be able to do any live action adaptions of those guys unless Sony & Fox gives up the live action filming rights to them. While I think the ad aired sometime before the Underdog movie was released as well. Ironically the Underdog movie was produced by Disney as well. Least they only had rights to do a movie they don’t own the cartoon series. When it comes to live action movies based on cartoons there were only a few I’ve I actually liked such as Speed Racer & Transformers which proved that live action cartoon movies don’t need to be for kids. If you did like the Underdog movie that’s fine, it’s just I didn’t see anything too special about it. When it comes to making live action cartoon movies I feel that Underdog isn’t a good choice to be made into a live action movie. Plus it’s also cause I actually remember seeing reruns of the cartoon on Nickelodeon back when they air various non-Nicktoon shows. When you compare the live action movie to the cartoon there’s no comparison since everything that made the cartoon one of a kind is nowhere to be found in the movie. It was better off being called something else cause I didn’t accept the idea that Shoeshine Boy(not Shoeshine as they called him in the movie) is a house hold pet when in the cartoon he’s not a pet and lived in his own apartment that was shown at least once in the cartoon where he can rest when he’s not needed as Underdog. I am glad that it won’t ever get a sequel which is good cause I don’t see it being profitable as a trilogy unless the Disney company did one of those direct to DVD/Blu-ray movies that they’ve done for Air Buddies and Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Well that wraps up this ad, for next week I decided to do an article for one of the original Fruit Roll Up Factory commercials.


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