Mastercard with Commercial Icons

It’s actual title is simply “Icons” but I think the title of this article best defines what this commercial is about. There’s plenty of Mastercard commercials both gimmicky and non-gimmicky a like. This is just a small portion of the gimmick filled Mastercard commercials. And it’s one of their most unique ones or in this case a dozen mascots all together at once, an occasion you don’t normally see on TV. Since it’s at least 8 years old, it’s more than worthy to be an Adverisement Time Forgot.

The commercial starts with an over head shot of a dinner table featuring mascots you’d likely to have seen in your own local grocery store. The following mascots include from left to right: Gordon’s Fisherman, Count Chocula, Charlie the Tuna, Mr. Peanut, Pillsbury Doughboy, Jolly Green Giant, Chef Boyardee, Vlastic Stork, & Morton’s Umbrella Girl. In the background is the Jolly Green Giant who is visible only from a window since he’s obviously too big to be inside the house. I wonder if he receives his meals through that window, by the door, or by the roof like in the final scene of Disney’s Fun & Fancy Free where Willie the Giant opens Edgar Bergan’s house(other version was Ludwig Von Drake’s house) and asked where he can find a mouse(Mickey). Anyways we hear the friendly Mastercard announcer say “Broccolli: $1.79” where we see a bowl of broccoli being passed over in front of Mr. Peanut who is as silent as he was from his first commercials. We see a brief shot of Chef Boyardee observing his meal and the choices for sides, I always forget how to spell his name in the past cause the commercial from the 90’s always pronounce his name as “Chef Bo-Ar-De”. The next shot shows Charlie the Tuna holding up a casserole dish asking everyone with “Casserole? Anyone?” I’m surprised he didn’t try to cook himself after all those years of wanting to be caught by fishing men only to be denied cause he’s not the type of tuna to be packaged in Starkist Tuna cans. The announcer then says “Tuna: $3.69” where we see Charlie giving Count Chocula a serving of casserole. While the Gordon’s Fisherman is seen passing a plate of meatloaf in front of the Count who seems be interested in having a slice of it. We hear someone ask the Count “How’s Frankenberry?” Yeah how is he and how come he’s not invited to the party like all these other mascots? I’m sure they have plenty of chairs for more guests since the house their in is big enough to hold Count Chocula’s whole gang. The announcer then says: “Crescent rolls: $2.39” where we see the Umbrella Girl who we recognize from Morton’s salt poking the Pillsbury Dough Boy with enjoyment. I bet they did use Morton Salt to make those crescent rolls since that’s the biggest salt company around. After that we see a shot of the Vlastic Stork in a deep conversation with everyone with the announcer saying “Getting everyone together for dinner: priceless”. With the stock ending his sentence with “…we certainly are in a pickle” with everyone laughing from what ever he just said earlier. Next we see Charlie carrying all the dishes to the kitchen with the announcer saying his closure line “There are some things money can’t buy” with Charlie saying “I’m stuff to the gills” and hands them to Mr. Clean who’ll do the dishes, I guess he had dinner earlier than everyone else. And the ad concludes with an animated version of the Mastercard logo turning into the regular logo with the announcer saying “With everything else there’s debit Mastercard, accepted at your grocery market”.

Probably my favorite Mastercard commercial to date. I’m crazy about crossovers and this ad would fit into my best crossover ads list. It even raises some questions like whose house is it that they’re dining in? None of them look like they could live there unless they’re watching it over while the actual homeowners are outta town. Or is it like in one of those old “Midnight at the Book store” cartoon short films where at the struck of midnight all the illustrations come to life. Which ever case it maybe, the idea of the commercial is the most clever idea Mastercard has come up with. The ad aired back in 2005 for the Superbowl so it’s one of those one shot commercials that sometimes spawn into a whole series like the Budweiser Frog commercials. Almost all of the characters you see in this ad were in at least one ad of their own. Even the umbrella girl from Morton’s Salt was in at least one ad believe it or not, but we’ll talk about that ad another occasion. There’s also plenty of other unique Superbowl ads out there that I’ll one day when I come around to them.

Since I didn’t do an article last week I decided to publish the next article which you can view upon after watching this article’s commercial below.


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