Sweet Tooth and Mall Santa

Christmas is already here and to conclude this year of articles i will conclude 2012 with one more Twisted Metal commerical for the time being. There are other great ones but I’ll do articles on those another time, plus the ad for the Twisted Metal game for PS3 isn’t that old as of yet. This one is mainly an ad for not just Twisted Metal but a few other 989 Studio games that were new at the time this aired on TV during the holidays. I remenber this Twisted Metal ad more clearly than the older ones for some reason. Probably cause of the holiday theme it has with it in a dark way. So let’s review the summary of the commercial.

The ad starts at a typical Mall Santa area that every mall in America has that parents take their kids to cause they believe it’s really Santa. So that way the kids can tell the “Santa” what they want and afterwards they believe they will be getting that gift for Christmas cause they told it to “Santa”. The only down side about these Mall Santas is that the only customers they won’t get are kids who know there isn’t a Santa cause either their parents told them or they know that Christmas is really the celebration of Jesus’s birthday not an immortal saint who travels around the world delivering toys in one night. Not to mention this type of business doesn’t go well with kids who don’t celebrate Christmas but other holidays that aren’t as commericalized as other popular holidays. I’d love to do an article on a Hanukkah theme commercial, but the problem is that there’s hardly any in exsistence other than a 1990 Hallmakr channel involving a Jewish Grandpa receiving a Hanukkah card from his whole family which is heart warming but it’s too long and not gimmicky for this blog. So Hanukkah ads are a no go if they’re hard to come by. Anyways back to the subject, the Mall Santa askes the boy “So what do you want for this year son?” and the kid answers “I want a bike”. The Mall Santa replies in disappointment “A bicycle?” during this chat we see some one peeking behind the curtain who is observing the Mall Santa and boy.  Who is revealed to be Sweet Tooth the clown, and wouldn’t you know it it’s the same actor from the Twisted Metal 4 commercial, you know the gas station one? Well I’m not certain if it’s the same guy but it’s the same make up and outfit for Sweet Tooth from that ad though. The Mall Santa then says “Well wouldn’t you preffer something like…” he pauses for a moment and sees one of the Mall Elves being dragged away into the curtain where Sweet Tooth was. The Mall Santa then finishes his sentence with “Cool Boarders” which is a game by 989 Studios. The kid however says “I want a bicycle”. The Santa then glances over the curtain where he now sees a circus miget wearing the elf costume that was previous worn by the elf who was previously there. Recognize this guy? It’s the same circus migdet from Twisted Metal 4 commercial who didn’t know where the hood switch was. I guess he already served his punishment and Sweet Tooth allowed him to participate in this shady scheme.

Are you starting to see what’s going on here so far? Apparently the Mall Santa is being bribed by Sweet Tooth to get kids to buy more 989 Studio games. And by doing so is by keeping a watchful eye on the Mall Santa in case he tries to pull off anything funny. As the Mall Santa now sees that what used to been a regular miget portraying a Mall Elf is now portrayed by a circus midget. So the Mall Santa talks to the boy again with “No, you want Jet Moto that’s what you want”.  The kid still not interested answers with “I want a bicycle”. The Mall Santa is now becoming frantic and tries to name another game that a kid would buy from 989 Studios and says “Syphon Filter?” “What about Twisted Metal? you like that wouldn’t you?” As the Santa tries to convince the kid to go with the selected video games as gift choices. We see what’s behind the curtain where Sweet Tooth is present. Here we see a small backroom with Sweet Tooth still spying on the Mall Santa and behind him is another circus miget tying up two mall elf migets up as hostages. The kid won’t accept any of the games Santa mentions to him and firmly says “I want a bicycle” The Mall Santa has now completely lost it and grabs the boy by shouting “Look do it for Santa! Take it! Take it! Take it!” Sweet Tooth wasn’t impressed with the way the Mall Santa is doing his job in trying to convince kids to buy more of 989 Studios games. So he closes the curtain cause he’s fed up with observing what is going on and then simply says in a disgusted tone “I hate Mall Santas!” We then see the ad conclude with the 989 Studios logo and thus end of commercial.

Like the Twisted Metal 4 commercial, this one really makes you think. Which is a lot of fun when it comes to commercials that speak for themselves. Let me give you my interpratation of what the situation is. Apparently Sweet Tooth some how got a Mall Santa to try to convince kids to get 989 Studio games for Christmas. Either by black mail or the Mall Santa got Sweet Tooth in a bad mood and the only way to get himself out of it is by doing him a favor. Much like the plot for the Batman the Animated Series episode “The Joker’s Favor”. I wonder how Sweet Tooth and his goons got access to that back room. Did they snuck into the back door area of the mall and knocked out and tied up the mall security or did the Mall Santa helped them into the mall where they got in with disguises? Really makes you wonder doesn’t it? I’m also curious what became of the Mall Santa afterwards, he’ll clearly get the ax from the head of the Mall after abusing a boy at a public mall. Specially when there’s clearly an open crowd in the beginning of the commercial and I’m sure the boy’s parents aren’t too happy that the mall would hire a Mall Santa who forces kids to get Playstation 1 games for Christmas instead of a bicycle. Most of the games Santa mentions I can’t imagine being appropriate choices for any parent to get their kid for Christmas, unless they’re alright with their own kids playing T rated and M rated games. I also bet that Sweet Tooth ended up robbing the poor Mall Santa afterwards after not being pleased with the way he tried to get more kids to play 989 Studio games. That would make another nice headline in the papers: “Mall Security & Mall Santa gagged and tied up in the backroom of a mall. Mall elves stripped of their own clothes. Work of clowns expected as the cuprits”. That’s a headline worth putting next to the nuked station wagon.

Anyways for next week will be something non-holiday related until Easter comes close by. Some time ago I discovered this series of old Salsa commercials that are so amusing that I decided they will be for the first 2013 article of this blog. Be sure to check that out sometime in the first week of the new year. So Merry Christmas to all and if you don’t celebrate it then Happy Holidays to all and a good night.


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