Verizon with the Misfit Toys

If you’re reading this then it means that the rumor of the end of the world happening is now officially a hoax. Those who predicted the reason for why the Mayan calender only went up to Dec. 21 2012 is a mystery. With that outta the way it’s almost Christmas time, I’m preparing the final article for this month which hopefully will be published on X-Mas day the latest. I haven’t been able to publish these recent articles on time the past few weeks due to long hours at my job. So here’s the final Rudolph commercial I can found unless there exsists another one. Instead of insurence, the subject for this one is cell phones.

The commercial opens up with the Isle of Misfit Toys containing almost all of the original characters. The ones visible are Charlie in the Box, Spotted Elephant, The Doll, Square Wheeled Train, Sinking Boat, Ostrich Riding Cowboy, Fish Bird, The Plane, Scooter, Bear with a tail feather, and the other toys that act as background character or aren’t that interesting to mention. They’re singing their own main song from the TV special until Charlie in the Box notices an AT&T cell phone and says “Hey! check out the new guy!” as all the other toys now notice the phone in plain sight. Spotted Elephant askes the phone “What are you doing here? You can download aps and browse the web”. While the doll says “Yeah, people will love you”. The phone however shows a hologram of the 3G coverage it can provide in the country of the USA. Which indicates it only has 3G  coverage in mostly California, Texas, Floride, and New York. But hardly any coverage in the midwest, Alaska, and Hawaii. The toys gave a big “Ooooh” all in a disappointed mood after relicising the real reason why the phone is on the isle in the first place. The toy plane then cheers the phone up by saying “You’re going to fit right in here!” Giggles and falls flat in the snows. Then we see the scene change to a different scene with the annoucer explaining that Verizon has more 3G covarge than AT&T does. A lot more coverage since Verizon has 3G coverage in most of the mid-west, Hawaii and a little bit in Alaska. Those living in Alaska would find neither of these phones to be any good and might as well just stick to radio communication instead.

This commercial is just like the Aflac commercial which uses stop motion puppets in the same fashion as the original TV special. It aired back in 2009 around the time when aps became a new feature for cell phones at the time. Thus came the whole cell phone coverage wars where every cell phoner company tries to improve their own phones in order to stay in business. It’s still going on today as eventually we’ll have cell phones capable of being used in any part of the globe with no hassle. Only then will there finally be no more “my cell phone has better coverage than yours” arguments. The one thing odd about this ad is that a touch screen cell phone was accepted to the Isle of Misfit Toys, despite that King Moonracer made it clear that only toys that aren’t loved anymore by kids are permitted to the island. A lot of cell phones today are the new “toy” for kids so maybe he made an exception when the cell phone with low 3G coverage isn’t loved by people who prefer cell phones with more 3G coverage. Though in my book, a cell phone is catergoried in electronics rather than toys, cause that be like referring to a Nintendo DS as a toy. But that’s an argument for another time.

Hope you’ll enjoy the commercial below, for next week it’ll be one more Christmas ad for this year until I decided to do more by next year. For January I got some really good articles in mind to do including some video game ads. Expect something like that month of Atari console commercials only I’ll focus on other platforms like Sega and Playstation. Then by April I’ll see about trying to do a couple Easter commercial articles. There isn’t many good ones to go by other than the original Cadbury Egg commercials which will be the likely choice for the holiday. Be sure to check those out within the next several monthes.


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