Aflac Duck with Cast of Rankin Bass Rudolph

Here’s another Rudolph ad only this one aired back in 2007, which is a awhile ago so it’s worthy to be on this website cause I don’t think they air this one anymore on TV. The Aflac Duck is still a common character to be seen on ads so he’s not on my to do list unless the Aflac company gives the duck the ax in the same fashion as Daffy Duck being a victim of becoming someone’s roast duck. There was an aflac ad revolving on Daffy but let’s discuss that one another time. This is Christmas time so let’s do some Christmas ads for this month.

The ad starts up with the front of the reindeer cave which cuts to the inside of Rudolph suffering from a cold dressed in a robe  while laying back on a recliner with a coffee table that has a box of kleenex on top. Funny I didn’t think reindeer needed furniture or clothing, course Comet the coach Reindeer wears a hat so this is excusable. By his side is his girlfriend Clarice, and just entering the cave is Yukon Cornelius carrying a bowl of soup for Rudolph and Hermey. How nice it is to have friends that care specially with all those adventures they had in the high north, evading the Abominal, and visiting the Isle of Misfit Toys. Rudolph gives out a sneeze and says “I hope I don’t miss work this Christmas”. Clarice agrees with him and says “Yeah how will you pay for things like food, electricity(upon saying electricity we see the Abominal putting up a star on Rudolph and Clarice’s tree cause he proves to be handy with doing that)” Hermey cuts in and says “Dental bills” which I’m not sure if Clarice is consern about her and Rudolph’s teeth care since reindeer don’t need to brush. Cornelius then says “Gag zooks! You need a back up plan!” Cornilus then hears laughter which turns out to be Santa(who is slim again isn’t a little tidius to gain weight on every Christmas and slim down afterwards? he should consider just sticking to being slim and wear a fat suit cause obesity is today’s silent killer). So Santa walks into the cave and says “That’s why we have Aflac!” Then Rudolph says “So I have cash, to help pay bills!”. We then see Charlie in the Box spring out of his box and says “Great! But what if you’re still not better by Christmas?” Rudolph then imagines who could take his place which turns out to be the Aflac Duck leading the sleigh shouting out “Aflac!”. The ad then ends with the Narrator saying “Alfac, ask about it at work” which we then see the Aflac logo on a christmas tree that resembles the opening of the original Rudolph special. We then see Rudolph all well for work as he’s leading the sleigh that’s parked on top of a house. One of the other reindeer say “Ruldoph’s better!” And the other says “But now Blitzen is sick!” Revealing that the Alfac Duck took Blitzen’s place who ends up slipping off of the icy roof.

I love the idea of this ad, specially when they had the time to recreate the original characters with stop motion techniques. The one who does Rudolph’s voice is Melissa Hutchinson who is a frequent voice actress for Telltale Games you might know her best as Girl Stinky from Sam and Max and Trixie Trotter from the Back to the Future Games. The other voices actors are unknown but they do nail the voices right. I originally believed it was the same cast who did the voices from the semi-sequal titled “Rudolph & the island of Misfit Toys” which could have been a great sequel had it been not for the non-memorible songs and characters that look like they belong in other holiday specials. But since the cast of that special consisted of mostly Canadian actors, it’s doubtful. Though it would have been cool if Scott McNeil did reprise his roles as Hermey & Cornelius just for this commercial cause he did a great job as the replacement voices for those characters. Anyways next week will be one last Rudolph related commercial for this year, until I find any other good ones for this blog. Enjoy the commercial below.


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