Sweet Tooth at the Gas Station

Twisted Metal 4 is one of the last couple of Twisted Metal titles for the PS1. It also received a commercial of its own which this time it has Sweet Tooth acting in this one. Rather than the Twisted Metal 3 commercial in which you only see him in a cameo role. You even get to hear him speak for once as well, cause for this subject of the ad he’d have to do some talking as oppose to just using his psychotic laugh. With that said now for the commercial.

The commercial start-up at a retro style gas station where we see Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck getting filled up. I’m guessing it’s located in a small town cause in this day and age you rarely see any non-commercialized gas stations. We never get to see how much gas was at this station, though according to various websites, the average price for gas back in 1999 varied from $0.99 – $1.61 which is hard to believe in this day and age when it’s over $4 a gallon. Anyways back to the subject, various circus migets who work for Sweet Tooth are giving his car the works one is coming towards the truck with a bucket of water and a wiper. One is filling the gas tank with gas, while Sweet Tooth goes up to the hood of the car and demands the hood to be opened up. The circus midget complies to Sweet Tooth’s request and pulls a switch which instead of popping the hood it activates the wind shield wipers. Sweet Tooth isn’t amused by his own minion not knowing where the hood switch is. Another minion is seen cleaning the hub cap and knows that his friend is in trouble if he’s annoying Sweet Tooth. Sweet Tooth again demands the hood to be opened, so the same minion behind the steering wheel flips the next switch which launches a missile that is heading towards Sweet Tooth’s face but dodges it by an inch and the missile flies straight to a parked car which blows up upon contact. The minion who is still sitting in the driver’s seat watches in terror that he made a big mistake. We then see game play footage of the game Twisted Metal 4 and then we cut back to the minion who peers over the steering wheel to see Sweet Tooth filled with annoyance as the car is burning in the background he just gives his minion a dirty look but doesn’t say anything towards his lackey. It’s like he’s about to say “What am I going to do with you?” The commercial ends with the logo of 989 Studios the publishers of the game itself.

This commercial is as good as the Clown Prison commercial, only this time we see more Sweet Tooth this time. It raises some questions on what happens after the minion accidentally blew a parked car up. Does Sweet Tooth tie him up in the back of the truck while his other minions get to sit nice and cozy in the freezer section of the ice cream truck or does the minion get left behind at the gas station and end up getting arrested by the police who are sure to show up at the scene after getting a call from a pedestrian or the gas station attendant? Either way that minion is on his way to a world of hurt for not knowing where the hood switch is. I’m also curious what the driver of that destroyed parked car would react to see his or her own vehicle now a burned up scrap of heap? And would that person believe that it was the act of clowns who committed such a crime? Imagine the headlines for that “Parked car blown up across from a gas station, witnesses claimed it was the work of clowns”. Well it it would make a good news paper clipping or at least an internet phenonom with pictures of the wrecked car being tagged with all sorts of taglines.

Well this is it for this article, I’ll be doing the 989 studios X-Mas ad for later in December. Cause for next week I’ll review the old Aflac commercial with the Rankin Bass Rudolph characters. Be sure to see that next during the first week of December. For now enjoy the Twisted Metal commercial.


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