Twisted Metal with Fancy Diplomat Car Actors

Hi, due to endless hours at Disneyland, I had to postpone last week’s article for this week. I know this happened before, but I couldn’t find the time to get around with this article. So to make it up I published a second article as well. Which are Twisted Metal game commercials. When it comes to car destruction games, this was the game that laid the genre in the first place before other games with similar themes were made. There was no commercial for the original Twisted Metal game so I settled for this one instead. Which is the sequel Twisted Metal 2. And even if you never played the games, these commercials are very entertaining to watch. So if you’re a fan or not enjoy the article.

The ad starts off at a generic European location, not to be confused with the European dark street from MediEvil 2 commercial. The ad looks like a typical car commercials that always has an actor portray a diplomat observing and driving a fancy car that no one middle class person could afford. Even in today’s economy it wouldn’t be any different. So anyways the diplomat couple observe the vehicle that’s driving towards them and then parks itself in the middle of the road revealing to be a modified black compact car rigged with machine guns, napalm, and nuke missles. As several nuke missles launch from the car the couple is amazed by the handy work it does towards the burning building. Game play footage is shown and then we see the gentleman testing out the steering wheel with a PS1 visible on the passenger seat. While the woman checks out the side of the car and as she walks around it, bullets are seen piercing the side of the car and the woman unknowingly prevented herself from getting shot by an unknown assassin. So as the couple drive off in their new car, we see a hood ordiment revealing to be a PS1 logo(where can I buy one of those?).

According to the behind the scenes video, the commercial was filmed at the Czech Republic. While the explosion you see in the reflection of the gentleman’s glasses was a real explosion instead of a computer generated explosion done in post. While the bullet holes were made by a modified door that automatically creates the holes upon a mechanism made by the tech crew. They had to have some spare doors cause the holes can’t be removed once they’re made on the car door. While the last shot filmed for the ad was the flame thrower scene cause the heat of the flame melted the hood of the car. The car in general was found in the city of Prague and wasn’t street legal when the crew bought it.

Anyways this commercial was cool for a parody towards those fancy car commercials. It’s even more cool to find a video that actually explained some of the things that occured in the ad. A rare thing for some commercials. The next article is even beter, cause it has Sweet Tooth who is the prime mascot of all the Twisted Metal commercials. So go check out the ad for this one first and then check out Twisted Metal 3’s ad on the next article.


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