Federal Clown Prison

Now this commercial I’m more excited about discussing cause it not only has Sweet Tooth but as well as other characters that make the Diplomats in the last commercial look ordinary. And again even if you never played these games you’re sure as heck to enjoy them.

The commercial starts off with the inside of a prison court yard where all the inmates are clowns. One clown tells the other clown that Sweet Tooth got parolled today. And we then see the outside of the prison revealing to be a Federal Clown Prison with a prison buse passing by. I guess this would be the prison for Pennywise the Clown, the Firefighter Clown from Brave Little Toaster, Killer Clowns from Space, & any of the incarnations of the Joker. The clown with the Usopp like nose thought that Sweet Tooth was in for life. A prison guard with a billy club keep a keen eye on the clowns. When then see the clown who is spreading word about Sweet Tooth’s parol passes the news on to a clown lifting weights. The scene cuts to the clowns back in their prison cells. One says “He’s probably living the high life”. The clown with the hat rants on the things Sweet Tooth is probably doing right now including circuses, birthday party. But the other clown says that Sweet Tooth is driving around in an ice cream truck. This lead the ranting clown to stop ranting a said “Get outta town”. Game play footage is shown and then we see an armored ice cream truck driving by with a laughing Sweet Tooth enjoying his paroll. The ranting clown says at the end “You go Sweet Tooth!”

Awesome is probably the best thing to describe this commercial. I love the clown prison idea for a Twisted Metal ad, it’s probably the most unique idea for the franchises’ history of commericals. The idea is so good that there’s a lot to speculate and talk about. You can totally tell Sweet Tooth had a great reputation at the clown prison. It makes me wonder how he got out on paroll cause blowning stuff up with an armored ice cream truck can lead anyone to a life sentence. Maybe Sweet Tooth had someone on the outside bribe the prison staff. Much like the Joker has Harley Quinn backing him up in certain tight situations. I’m also curious about the crimes those other clowns commited, perhaps the crimes are related to starting up fights at birthday parties, swap meets, or circuses. Or robberies as one of the charges, I could list other ones but that would be boring. If there’s a clown prison I wonder what a mime prison would look like. I’d hate to be a prison guard spending all day watching a mime miming out that he’s imprisoned when he isn’t. I can go on with this discussion but that would make the article too long for one sitting. And I’m not planning to do another Atari Jaguar article length article again just yet.

So enjoy the commerical below and for next week I’ll do an article on Twisted Metal 4’s commerical before December starts. Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy what ever type of meal you’ll have wether it’s turkey, goose, duck, chicken, or veggie bird.


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