Cool Cat

Before you say anything, no this has nothing to do with Friz Freleng’s Cool Cat cartoons from the 1960’s. Also known as one of the last hand full of Looney Tune shorts to be used before the original run ended in 1967. No sir, today we’re not talking about the hip tiger that is sadly as forgotten as Bosko and Buddy. Today we’re going to talk about a cat used for the Sky company from the UK. This only aired in the UK, so it never aired outside of Great Britain towards my knowledge. It’s only one commercial and the only one of its kind from my knowledge so it’s perfect for this blog. So I proudly present to you Cool Cat.

The commercial opens with a black and white opening with Cool Cat’s face in the center like the same style as the older Disney and Looney Tunes short films. Except it immediately switches to color and Cool Cat breaks into a song which is “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night. He walks down the country side and into a town populated with anime/retro style characters who look like a hybrid of Tetsuka Osamu and Jhonen Vasquez art style. All the buildings and trees are living like something out of Toon Town from Roger Rabbit or H.R. Puffnstuff. While Cool Cat looks like a hybrid of Sonic the Hedgehog and Heathcliff the Cat. So anyways Cool Cat expresses how if he’s king of the world he would get rid of the gas-powered cars with more eco-friendly cars to make the air more cleaner. That way everyone would be at peace wildlife animals and humans a like. The commercials ends with a British announcer saying the following “The World is a beautiful place, we’ll carry on doing our bit to keep it that way, Sky , believe in better”.

Released back in September 2007, The commercial was directed by Richard Bazley with the help of WCRS and Animation Company HRA. The company its advertising Sky is a British enterprise that has multiple roles that helps the lives of the 10 million households in the UK. They are very devoted towards alternate and cleaner energy that can help the environment a whole lot more. Which I think is great that a big company like this is very committed to such a task like using energy-saving light bulbs and hybrid cars. Course in England, an average British citizen either takes a bus or uses a small car to get around. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of photos and movies that show how different the cars are over in Europe as oppose to the way cars look in America. Other than the license plates being different and everyone drives on the left side.

I’m totally surprised this character never caught on to the British public. Cool Cat is so likable that he’d be perfect as the PSA mascot of the UK environment. Much like how America has dozens of PSA mascots on the environment. Anyways I felt this character deserves to be heard about so now you all know his existence. And maybe some day Cool Cat will be brought back by popular demand. Enjoy the commercial below and for the next three weeks I decided to do articles on the earlier Twisted Metal commercials.


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