The Hitchhiking Ghouls

To answer your first question, no this has nothing to do with the Haunted Mansion Hitch Hiking Ghosts. No instead it’s actually characters made exclusively for the commercial for Medevil 2 for the Playstation 1. While the first game did had a commercial to it, except it’s not the gimmicky cause it only consists of gameplay footage. This one however has its own gimmicky commercial. So it’s perfect for a conclusion to October and on Halloween itself. Let’s now discuss the commercial as well as the first Medievil game.

Medievil was a 1998 game developed by SCE Cambridge Studio. The game takes place in the 14th century in which you control a dead knight named Sir Daniel Fortesque, who is the only one who can defeat a sorcerer named Zarok who has taken over the land with the use of his black magic. The game was very well received back when it was released in the late 90s. It even won some awards. The game was followed by a sequel titled Medievil 2 was released two years later and was again very well received by gamers and critics a like. No third game was ever made on this series. Which is unusual that no Medievil 3 was ever released for the PS2 or PS3. To me they are really good games if you want one of the best games Playstation has to offer. Since there isn’t much to say about the first game’s commercial let’s now talk about the second game’s commercial.

The commercial opens with an old model car driving through a foggy European urban neighborhood. We never see the face of the driver or know whether it’s a woman or man. As it’s driving a figure appears by the side of the road which is an orge trying to hitch a ride to Paris, France as indicated on his cardboard sign. The driver ignores the ogre and continues to go about its bussiness. The ogre didn’t like the idea of not getting a ride to the city of lights. As the car passes through the almost abandon city, it comes by another hitch hiker this time a greenish demon holding a sign for Rome, Italy. The driver ignores this hitch hiker as drives off as if the demon wasn’t there. The demon gave out a screeching shriek for not getting a ride to the place that made the game Assassins Creed Brotherhood a popular game. The car still driving through the city now comes across a gargoyle holding a sign for Vienna, Austria. And like the previous two, the driver ignores the Gargoyle and drives off to destination unknown. The gargoyle grunted his teeth for not getting a ride to the capital of Austria. Then we see clips of the game Medievil 2 itself, along with one final scene this time the hitchhiker is a demonic warrior wanting to go to Hoboken, New Jersey.  I guess the demon warrior wanted to see the birthplace of baseball. But as predicted, the driver ignores this hitchhiker and drives off into the night. The demon warrior yells at the driver for not getting a ride. The commercial concludes right there.

The commercial captures the mood of the Medievil games. Gloomy, dark, and eerie but also some hint of humor to go with it. It also sets a good example to never pick up anyone at the dead of night. Course who would give a ride to a ogre, demon, gargoyle, or a demonic warrior? I certainly wouldn’t, I’d inform the B.P.R.D.(Burea of Paranormal Research and Defense) about sightings of ghouls trying to hitchhike right away. Besides these games, in 2005 Medievil received a remake on the PSP, which includes newer elements to separate it from the original. While Sir Dan the main hero of the series was confirmed to be in the upcoming Playstation All-Stars game. So Medevil isn’t a forgotten franchise, it’s just there isn’t that many games to go by for this series. If you’re looking for a gothic theme video game, then Medievil is a good choice in my opinion. Well that’s all there is to say about this ad. Happy Halloween, and enjoy the two commercials for the first two Medevil games. For next week I’ll be doing another foreign commercial, or in this case one from England.


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