Haunted Highway Green Monster

This was one of my all time favorite toys I never own as a kid. It’s a toy car race track in which the vehicles are controlled by battery operated wired controllers. Even though I never own it, the commercial is how I remembered the product the most. Since I couldn’t think of anything that would be good for the subject of Halloween, I decided to do an article on this one cause it’s monster related so it’ll work for a Halloween article. Anyways now for the summary of the commercial.

The commercial opens up with a hole bursting out of the street and out comes a giant green monster who you only see his upper body but not his lower body. How tall he is entirely up to your imagination. Anyways the giant monster is a cross between the Grinch and Bonejangles from Corpse Bride. Mainly cause he’s able to remove one of his eye balls in a sort of fashion like Krumm from Real Monsters or Ragetti from the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The giant green monster isn’t in a good mood cause he hates it when someone is trespassing on his highway. So the best way to get rid of his intruders is by crushing them with his rolling eye-ball. The highway has a few obstacles like dead man’s curve and a grave yard. All the common elements to make a highway more horror related. Not to mention the intruders on the highway are two monster trucks. Yeah, that’s very uncommon to travel on a haunted highway by monster truck. Course I think they needed something to make the product sell better, and kids back then were crazy about monster trucks. Overall this product was well though up and has a memorable character associated with it.

I never once knew anyone at my school who actually seen this or own it. But I remember every Halloween, I would use this commercial as an idea for a make your own monster project at school. My teacher didn’t understand why a giant green monster would wreck cars with his own eye-ball. She clearly never saw the commercial or visited the toy car section at Toys R Us or KB Toys or what ever stores sold toys back then. But that just proves that the commercial left a lasting impression on me, if it didn’t I wouldn’t be making an article on it today. Sorry for the short article, but I promise that on Halloween the next article will be slightly longer cause it’ll be on a video game ad.


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