Mountain Dew with Black Spy & White Spy

Sorry for the delay, but my job at Disneyland prevented me from completing this article. Since this week’s not over yet, I don’t have to do a double bill article. Mountain Dew’s got a good category of commercials, but if I’d had to choose one out of the hundred to make an article on I would choose this one. Why, it’s cause it has the Black Spy and White Spy from Spy Vs. Spy a series of comics that originated from MAD Magazine. Really simple plot which is about two rivaling spys who both try to take each other out, either by assination, traps, or gadgets. It’s a repeated scenario as each spy triumphs another the other after every attempt. Sometimes there would be no victor when both of them fall for a trap. But a scenario where they both go after a can of Mountain Dew? Let’s review the summary of these commercials.

The one thing you’d notice is that these commercials were filmed in live action. As opposed to the animated version of the spys that was used for the MAD TV series both live action and cartoon. The sets are all mostly in black and white and design to look like it was drawn by ink and pencil. While the spies are portrayed by two costumed actors who both look like the two iconic characters. The main plots for these commercials follow the same flow as the comics, one spy tries to assassinate the other spy and may sometimes fall for the other spy’s own trap. The main difference is Mountain Dew plays a role in these stories. So for example a Mountain Dew vending machine is seen being rig to be used as a trap, or a can of Mountain Dew can be used as the main target by one of the spies. So in a sense, it’s like watching the comic come to life, except with Mountain Dew being used as a product placement.

I can tell MAD Magazine was proud of investing this commercial, as it’s a way to heighten the popularity of their two iconic characters as well as their own magazine. It would have done well with Alfred E. Neuman, but these spies do the job better in advertising the soft drink. The one think I like about these ads is the use of different head masks for the actors in these commercial. It’ the only way to make the characters look like they’re given different emotions. Except it’s a cheap way of doing cause the expressions change upon every cut scene. A practice done in the Jack in the Box commercials and Thomas the Train. Least it’s more effective than the villains and monsters from Super Sentai & Kamen Rider in which we the viewers know it’s a dude in a costume. Another thing I like to point out is the soundtrack for these commercials. All it is a soundtrack of piano, guitar string, and wire sounds. Which gives the theme of the commercial an uneven and sketchy feel which is intentional cause it gives us the idea that everything is unbalanced and fragile in the Spy Vs. Spy universe.

That’s all there is to say about these commercials, there’s other good Mountain Dew commercials I might do in the future. But for now I feeling like doing a commercial on a video game for next week. Which one you might ask, well how about Atari 5200’s Pole Position. The commercial for it is so hilarious that you’ll all have to stay tune till next week cause the next article is when I summarize why it’s the most hilarious Atari commercial I’ve watch yet.


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