Ernest Borgnine Collects Stamps

His collection became as valuable as Nostradamus’s book.

I was going to do an article on a Marvel comics commercial, but with all of these great celebrities biting dust I had to postpone it hopefully for just this week. Unless someone like Kirk Douglas all the sudden kicks the bucket(And yes, he is still alive as of today). I almost didn’t decided to do an article on Ernest Borgnine if he didn’t have a commercial of his own. Luckily he did star in one which is a PSA on an unlikely subject. And that subject is stamps, yes you heard me folks a PSA on influencing people to buy stamps. Tried it once, when I got this magazine that influences kids to start stamp collections. Mine never got anywhere beyond a couple, which makes my pin collection look like the Birth of Adam. Anyways one commercial on Ernest Borgnine is better than none. If he did others ones I’ll definitely see about doing those, cause Ernest was an actor who’s been acting for so long that he has appealed towards us, our parents, and grandparents with the movies and tv shows he starred in. So onward to the summary about Ernest collecting stamps.

We see our pal Ernest getting himself into a bar fight. A good old “no holding back brawl” in which we see in just about any kind of western, war, or crime related movie. We see our pal Ernest getting the chair from some random patron. Ernest throws a punch to the patron after getting a chair smash on his, as long as someone’s getting bruises then it’s entertaining. The guy gets thrown out of the door, and Ernie is about to make the poor sap cry uncle. Until we hear a cut and it turns out the whole thing was just a performance on a sound stage. With Ernest taking a break from doing stunt work he introduces himself to the viewer in case the viewer doesn’t know who he is(how could no one not know Borgnine!). He then tells us that years ago, he discovered something exciting to do for a hobby. That hobby is of course stamp collecting, Ernie then tells us the best way to start is by getting the U.S.A. commemorative stamps that range from U.S. history to sports. He comments on how someday his kids will enjoy the hobby as much as he does. Then we’re shown a sponsored by the U.S. Postal Service logo for the closing of the PSA.

This came out in 1978, just about 6 years after Poseidon Adventure one of his most famous roles. I never recalled seeing a commercial on stamps let alone a PSA that tries to influence people to collect them. I wondered if Ernest’s kids did become interested in the hobby. He had three kids named Nancee, Sharon, & Cris Borgnine. Not much is known about Sharon Borgnine, but Nancee & Cris both have been associated with cinema and TV work. Cris Borgnine has three kids of his own from two marriages. It makes me wonder if Ernest’s grandkids like stamps either. I’m too certain unless I did an interview with the Borgnine family, but not sure how easy it be to get in touch with any of them. Well not much else to say about this PSA, other than Ernest was awesome and if you ever meet his family or his pal Tim Conway be sure to tell them he was a wonderful actor and decades from now people will still be fascinated how cool of an actor he was. For next week, it will be on Got Milk with the Avengers. Unless some other celebrity kicks the bucket and have to do an article on that person if they did a commercial that is.

The stamp you see right here is valuable too.


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