Grape Nuts with Andy and Barney

Grape Nuts Breakfast Time!

With the passing of Andy Griffith a.k.a. Andy Taylor or Matlock(for those who seen that show), I feel it’s necessary to do an article dedicated towards him with a commercial he starred in. There was a hand full, but I felt this one was the only good one, cause one was Christmas related and the other just showed him expressing how much he loved Ritz Crackers(if there’s a high demand, I’ll do articles on those ones). Why is this one the only good one, well it features Andy and his pal Don Knotts portraying the two cops of Mayberry, North Carolina; Andy Taylor and Barney Fife. If you think of Andy Griffith, you’d most likely think of this show, which made him most famous for right next to Matlock. While I haven’t seen all of the episodes of Andy Griffith show, I have seen more of it than Matlock which I never seen an episode of that show(I apologize for those of you who are fans of it). Anyways on to the summary about Grape Nuts and small town cops.

The commercial opens with Barney brings a platter which has a Grape Nuts Cereal box on top of it to the front desk and announces its “Grape Nuts Breakfast Time”. While Andy is seen looking at a newspaper. He puts away his paper, and grabs a bowl all excited as he pours some cereal into his own bowl. However Barney tells Andy that they need to exercise before eating their cereal. True fact Barn, cause everyone knows  cop needs to stay physically fit upon daily duties. Course Mayberry is such a small town, that it only needs two cops to patrol the whole area. So in short, they do need to stay in shape if they want to be able to out run any car thieves, burglars, or gangs. Which are uncommon in Mayberry from what I know, but you could never know if all the sudden John Rambo comes into town(as long as Barney doesn’t push him around otherwise Mayberry will end up being a war zone). But back to the subject, Andy isn’t too thrilled about exercise before breakfast, but Barney tells him how it works well with a nutritious cereal like Grape Nuts. So Barney talk Andy into doing a series of crouches while he says a catchy phrase to himself which goes “A Grape Nuts Breakfasts fills you up knock out”. He keeps repeating this phrase as her crouches his knees, Barney does some crouching along with Andy, but slips behind him and helps himself to some Grape Nuts. He says that it’s delicious while Andy continues to bend his knees while saying the same phrase about Grape Nuts.

This commercial can easily be mistaken for part of an episode of the Andy Griffith show, except I don’t recall seeing any of the character eating a bowl of Grape Nuts in the show before. Unless it was the episodes I haven’t seen including the color episodes made for the final seasons. It’s a good cereal commercial in my opinion, you can clearly tell the writers of the show are involved for this ad. It also leads me to some questions like, what would Andy do to Barney for slipping out of exercises and eat cereal instead? He’s already restricted to carrying only one bullet in his pocket while his revolver remains unloaded. Would that mean no bullets at all and is forced to carry around an unloaded gun and can only use it by making everyone think it’s loaded by not firing the trigger? Or will Barney be forced to buy all of Andy’s groceries for a month? That would give Aunt Bee more time to keep the house neat nad clean. Which ever the case it may be, Barn will surely get punished for eating Andy’s share of the Grape Nuts. I also wonder if they give Otis some cereal, depending if he’s slept in his cell over night or it’s not the time yet for him to check into the station to sleep off his intoxication. Sure he’s fried to the gills almost every time Barn and Andy see him, but I’m sure offering him a bowl of cereal would be a kind thing to do. Cause Otis rarely goes into any bar fights and is very responsible about his drinking problem that he would take shelter at a police station where he won’t get into any trouble when there’s two cops observing him.

Well that’s all there is to talk about for this commercial. I’m likely to do an article on just Don Knotts some point into the future, like the old video game ad that actually shows him as a prisoner instead of a cop. But let’s not get into that subject today, cause for next week I’ll be doing an article on another recently deceased celebrity which is none other than Ernest Borgnine in what has to be one of the most unlike PSAs to ever be made. Or most unlikely for someone like Ernest Borgnine to be in.


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