The Thrill Can Kill with Paul Reubans

This is Crack.

This one, I’m sure you’re all familiar with due to its exposure off of Nostalgia Critic’s “Top 11 Most Nostalgic Drug PSAs”. A review he did which he listed 11 most off the wall PSAs on drugs. It was also how I first discovered the Thrill Can Kill series after learning Paul Ruebans wasn’t the only actor who did this PSA. I also like to thank the Nostalgia Critic for pointing out a few things that makes Paul an unlikely actor to tell kids to not do drugs. Why so? please read this article to find out for yourself.

Tim Burton’s first movie.

It’s a party everyday at his playhouse.

The Circus is in town with Pee-Wee

The PSA starts the same as the previous one with Eastwood. We see Paul Reubens dress up as his trademark character Peee Wee Herman. He holds up a vile of crack and says “This is Crack, like cocaine”. “It isn’t glamorous, or cool, or kids stuff”. “It’s the most addictive kind of cocaine and it can kill you””What’s really bad is no body knows how much it takes” “So every time you use it” “You risk dying” “It isn’t worth it” “Look, everybody wants to be cool, but doing with crack isn’t just wrong” “It can be dead wrong”. Then the camera fades from Paul to the close up of a vial of Crack with the same “Don’t even try it” and “The Thrill can Kill” taglines on the bottom. Which is where the PSA ends.

He did the voice of Bat-Mite.

Fife from Beauty and the Beast Christmas Movie.

Ain’t I a precious devil?

This one is infamous for three reasons, first his show “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse” was often joke to be influenced on drugs where all of his furniture and appliances are alive. Course the same could be said about H.R. Puffnstuf, but Sid & Marty Kroff both said that they had no association with drugs. Second, Paul Reubans played a drug addict in a movie called “Blow”, I never seen it but I heard it was hard to watch. But I’ll be the judge of that if I ever watch it for myself, just to see if it was as hard to watch as “American Beauty”. Third, Paul was once arrested for doing dirty business at an adult theater which almost ruined his image to the public. So not saying Paul is inappropriate for hosting a Drug PSA, only saying that today they wouldn’t have drug PSAs with someone like Paul. Anyways on to article number 52 with Bette Midler.

As he appeared in Blow.

Reuben’s Mugshot

The playhouse.


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