The Thrill Can Kill with Clint Eastwood

Happy 50th Article!!!

I tell em, to take a hike!

Thank you all of you for supporting this blog for almost a year now. The increase of viewership each month, made it possible for me to continue on as promised. Not to mention the popularity this blog has received from third world countries as indicated off of the globe stats that WordPress installed back in late February. To celebrate my 50th article, I present to you a five-part article or articles 50-54 to be precise. Cause this subject is so big it has to be typed up in five separate articles. So without further a-do, here is part one of The Thrill Can Kill with Clint Eastwood!

And it’s good for the mortuary technician’s payroll.

Cause it costs $40 for 1/4 of an inch.

Do you feel lucky punk? Well do ya!

The PSA starts with a dark stage room being lit with stage lights and cameras start to surround a shadowy figure in the middle. Which the mysterious man starts to say “You see this cute little vial here?” as he holds it up. A light is place on the figure who is revealed to be Clint Eastwood which he says “It’s crack, like cocaine, the most addictive form. You think it’s the grammar drug of the 80s? Well that’s the point of this fundamental reminder. It can kill you. And if you’re going to die for something. This sure’s hell ain’t it.” After he says his opion on the substance the camera fades from Clint to a close up of crack which you hear the rapid thumping of a human heart. A tagline appears on the bottom which reads “Don’t even try it”. And after the thumping stops to indicate that the heart stop beating. Another tagline reads out: “The thrill can kill”.

OMG! A young a Clint Eastwood!

You know we’re playing enemies in the next film right?

Start the catchy main theme song.

The reason why this one is the first is because, it had an introduction that went with it during its first showing in the 1980s. Which is mainly the now former first lady Nancy Reagan and Clint Eastwood telling us about this series of PSAs that give out warnings about crack. Which Nancy and the movie industry made a deal with the movie theaters and TV networks to sponsor these PSAs to the public. In hopes it’ll put a stop to the drug market and influence people about how much of a risk it can be to try out crack. Sadly it’s not that much different than it was back then, as there are some people out there who still try out crack just to see what it’s like or use till their hearts stop beating.

Paint your wagon!

Poncho from Pokemon was mistaken to be a movie actor.

So hows Ronald doing with the USSR peace talks?

My thoughts on this PSA, for the first one I like how they hired an A listed actor for the job. Using the guy who played Harry Callahan can create an impact on a drug PSA. Cause using someone who is prolific in films can reach out to the public better than the PSAs that only use unknown actors or people hired off of the street. Cause who would not like Clint Eastwood? He’s iconic, and most of his films are listed in the top 250 movies of all time. I haven’t seen all of his films as of yet. Though I have seen all of his famous ones, including all five Dirty Harry films, the Man with No Name Trilogy, and his first film the” Revenge of the Creature”. Nothing else to say about this PSA other than Eastwood kicks but when it comes to stomping out drug dealers, so be sure to see the second PSA with Paul Rueban in the 51st article.

Be sure to buy this shirt.

Go ahead, make my day!

You’re s*** outta luck!


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