The Thrill Can Kill with Bette Midler

This is crack.

This was one of the fewest celebrities, I did not recognize at first for this PSA series. I had to look up her IMDB filmography just to be sure if I have heard of her before. I finally did after I discovered she was a guest star in the “Krusty Gets Cancelled” episode of the Simpsons. And she also did the voice of Georgette from Disney’s “Oliver and Company”. Along with being a guest celebrity in the live action segments of Fantasia 2000, and Winifred ‘Winnie’ Sanderson from “Hocus Pocus”. So I have seen her before, it’s just I never came around to knowing her name. My apologies to all of the Midler fans who are reading this. So now for the summary on what she has to say on crack.

I’ll put a spell on you!

Georgette, a poodle who has everything a dog could desire.

She helped out Krusty in order for him to be famous again.

PSA starts with the usual cameras and microphones surrounding the celebrity which we then hear Bette say “I’m so hot, I’m so cool, I’m so where it’s at, I’m it, I’m a genius” “Yeah, crack will make you feel like that….for exactly 10 minutes.” “Then you crash, and then a craving starts, and you need more and more and more to get that feeling back” “The problem is crack can kill you and no one knows how much it takes to do you in” “Each time you try it could be your last”. She then holds up a vial of crack and says “You see this?” “Crack comes in a vial like this” “If anyone offers you some” “Tell them where to SHOVE it” “Please don’t even try it, could lose”. Then it ends with the close up of the vial of crack and the same taglines like the previous two PSAs.


Never litter on the Highway or Midler will get you!

Oh no it’s Bette Midler!

Unlike Paul, Bette is a more appropriate choice to be in a Drug PSA as from what I understand she is a highly likeable singer. And almost always sings in each movie she star in. Such as her introduction as Georgette in Oliver immediately went into a musical number. While a lot of people regarded her “I’ll put a Spell on You” in “Hocus Pocus” to be one of the most memorable scenes from that movie. Which was a watchable live action Disney film, it’s far from being listed in the bad Disney films. I won’t list the ones I’m referring to cause you wouldn’t imagine how many people I talk to who actually like them. So enough talk on Bette, now for article number 53 with Ally Sheady.

Wow, she actually had a smaller waist back then.

One of her famous soundtracks.

Carson’s last episode.


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