The Thrill Can Kill with Alley Sheedy

It’s not about statistics.

This is another celebrity I didn’t recognize at first until I look up her filmography. Which I then discovered she was Stephanie Speck from Short Circuit, Allison Reynolds from Breakfast Club, the NY Ticket Agent who told Kevin he’s in New York from Home Alone 2, and Jennifer from War Games. One of those, you don’t remember their name but you remember their movie character celebrities. For this one you’d expect it to be like the other three where each celebrity talks about the dangers of crack, well Ally does it much differently for her PSA.


Can’t we play Atari 2600 instead?

No body understands how loveable a goth girl can be.

The usual opening with the cameras surrounding the shadowy figure occurs and we Ally with this statement “A lot of drug abusement messages are full of statistics” “How many people die, how many lives are ruined, how much drug use is costing the economy(well it was a better economy back then, we had less homeless people and everyone had jobs)” “But this message is not about numbers, it’s about crack” “And the message is simple, crack can kill you” “I won’t bore you with the statistics, except to say it’s not worth becoming one for a ten minute high” With that being said we see the usual close up of the vial of crack and the taglines of Thrill Can Kill.

Old school Online gaming!

Don’t disasimble me!

Coolest teen movie of the 80s.

Two things noticeable about this PSA, one it was the only “Thrill Can Kill PSA” to show a celebrity who doesn’t show a vial of crack as a sample of what it looks like. Maybe she didn’t want people to be reminded that she star in the Breakfast Club which had a marijuana scene. And second, average Drug PSAs even at that time don’t have statistics on the number of people who use drugs or die from them. Maybe she wanted people to think that her PSA is different by claiming there are statistic drug PSAs. Which ever the case she’s probably the coolest actress to host a Drug PSA. I mean what’s there not to love about Ally, she was one of the nine original members of the 1980s “brat pack”, she was friends with Number 5 from Short Circuit, she helped Matthew Broderdick save America from being nuked, and she was a goth girl in Breakfast Club. So along with Eastwood, this was my second favorite PSA for Thrill Can Kill. Now for the final Thrill Can Kill PSA with Olivia Newton-John in article number 54.

If I smoke more of this stuff, I’ll be dead before I turn 40.

Not the best image to show in a teen movie.

Remenber when computers had huge monitors?


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