Energizer Rabbit with King Kong

This is my jungle, puny bunny!

After doing a review on the first Energizier Rabbit commercial, I feel like doing another one which was one of the most memorable ones from my childhood. Which is none other than the one with King Kong making a guest appearance. Not just a re-image of King Kong or the King Kong from any other remakes or spin-offs. I’m talking about the original King Kong from 1933. The one that redefine monster attacking major cities for a century, the one who influence the original Godzilla film which influence the invention of Kaiju as a new genre of Japanese films. So without any further introduction, I present to you Energizer Rabbit meets King Kong, a commercial I only saw once 19 years ago!

Who’s gonna order Chinese for lunch?

Even an ape can understand that.

We’re gonna need someone big!

The first commercial shows the headquarters of the Supervolt Battery company. Where we see a meeting being held by the employees of the company trying to find out how to obtain the Energizer battery located on the back of the rabbit. Which without its battery it’ll no longer by mobile and thus Supervolt will be the leading battery company and not Energizer. A clever plan as if Energizer doesn’t have an impressive mascot like the rabbit which can keep going and going, then everyone would be buying Duracell instead. The CEO who is played by Rip Torn(Agent Zed from MIB) tells his employees that something needs to get done about the rabbit’s on going mobility thanks to its own battery. And the only way for them to obtain that battery is by hiring someone big. One of the employees replies “big?” as the answer sounded a little off. Which after he says it he then see who the CEO refer to as “big” which is none other than King Kong! The CEO gives King Kong a poster board which is a picture of a battery, arrow, and banana. King takes the poster board and seems to know what his assignment is as it’s clear that if he can get the rabbit’s battery he’ll get a banana in return. The ape leaves by climbing down the building along with background noises of police sirens. The Supervolt employees watch the ape venture out on his quest. Rip Torn is seen all excited that he hired someone tough enough to do the job. He then says out loud “It’s the end of the road, Mr. Bunny Man!” with a “To be continued” tagline placed below in the next scene. Makes me wonder how the Supervolt company will explain to the police about their visit with the 8th Wonder of the World. Cause Kong not only broke some windows, but he also might have done some damage to the streets of Manhatten. I’m sure the NYPD do not want an over sized ape running amok even if he’s doing an errand for a battery company.

The poster of the legendary film.

It’s the end of the road, Mr. Energizer Bunny!

We’re not hosting an intergalactic kegger down here.

The second commercial is the one I remember seeing on TV 19 years ago. The beginning shows King Kong climbing up the Empire State Building, with one thing on his mind. To retrieve the Energizer Rabbit’s battery and get a banana from the Supervolt Company. As he climbs the building he sees what is supposed to be Ann Darrow in one of the apartments of the building. However he’s not interested in carrying her out of the window like in the movie. So he ventures up to the top to find the Energizer Rabbit on the observation platform. He was ready to retrieve the battery only for his foot to get smashed by a window shutter by Ann Darrow who appears to be either disappointed about not getting captured by the ape or disliked the ape’s presence on the outside of the building. The ape groans in pain and immediately looses his balance and starts to fall right off of the building. The rabbit continues to beat his drum and move around on the observation tower. Along with a loud thump that cause the rabbit to jump off the ground after the ape went cement diving. The rabbit still keeps going and King Kong left a body print on 5th avenue. After that, I can totally imagine the headlines of the New York Times be “King Kong Dead: It was Bunny that killed the beast”. While the Supervolt company is already furious that their plans to get rid of the bunny failed big time.

It was bunny that killed the beast.

Which spawn into a million parodies.

“Thirrrrrrrrrtth Floor!” “Wow jet repeled”

Out of all of the Energizer commercials I’ve seen, this one was my personal favorite. I also have some other favorites associated with Energizer. But I’ll save those for another time, cause I have other great ones to talk about the next 2 months. It’s almost time for my 50th article, which is two weeks from now. In preparation for it, the 49th article will be on a Drug PSA that aired on TV during my youth. So yes the next two weeks will be about Drug PSAs. Until then enjoy the commercial I remember seeing on TV back when I was only 4 years old.

Always remenber to tip giant ape bellboys.


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