Battery Operated Drummer Rabbits

We don’t last long due to our bargin batteries.

The Energizer company still uses their drummer rabbit as a mascot, so I won’t do an article on him unless they decide to stop using him. So instead I’ll discuss the first commercial ever made on him and a group of other battery operated drummer rabbits. That’s right this was the origin of the rabbit himself. Why does any one not talk about this one more than it’s sub-sequent successors? You got me there, I never once heard any one ever talk about the first commercial on the rabbit. Let alone one that actually shows other drummer rabbits besides the one we’re all so use to. Well let’s get this summary out of the way.

Eat your heart out Duracell!

“Hey, you forgot your check!”

There are two different versions for this commercial one that’s short the other is long and makes it look like it’s a trio of commercials rather than just one. So let’s talk about the short version. We start off with an overview camera shot of battery operated rabbits all beating their drums. They all resemble the cheap battery operated animals you see at those toy stores at any American mall where they’re always displayed out front and with a fence to prevent them from exiting the store bounderies. And maybe one of those ball playing weasels toys which is basically a battery operated moving ball with a piece of fake furr attach to it. Anyways we hear the Narrator go “For years, you’ve seen some commercials where one battery company’s toys out last the other toys. So you may of assume their battery out lasts Energizer’s batteries”. After we hear that, the leader of the drummer rabbits looks to it’s left. Which we then see the Energizer Rabbit’s introduction. The Narrator then says “Fact is, Energizer was never invited to their play offs, and today’s Energizer won’t be invited either. Why? No battery lasts longer than Energizer.”. This causes the drummer rabbit leader’s right ear to drupe down like Peter Cottontail telling a fib. With the Narrator saying “Now you know”, but the leader drummer is like “some help you are!” with that kind of look. We then see the Energizer Rabbit move across the tagline of the commercial which the Narrator says “A word to the wise, Energizer!”.

The other commercial starts the same except you see the rabbit leave the sound stage with some one in the background shouting “Stop the bunny, please!”. We then see what looks like a commercial for nasal spray, but the commercial gets interupted by the rabbit as it creates a mess in the Nasal Spray pharamist’s lab. We’re then shown what appears to be one of those wine commercials that always take place at a diplomat’s mansion that always has diner parties. You know the kind where the Marx Bros. happen to be invited to and they make the party less boring cause they don’t blind in well with all of the aristocrates. But sadly they’re not at this party, instead we see the rabbit crashing the party, instead of seeing Harpo Marx breaking the legs of a folding table like in “Animal Crackers”. Having either of the two at a party is a party I’d totally love to attend to.

“Our ship’s battery is dead sir” “Noooo!”

The commercial first aired in 1988, and was created by the All Effects team. A special effects company that would be responsible for a few of the later commercials until other companies came in to do the job. That included Industrial Light & Magic, Cafe FX, & Method Studios. Other than this commercial, I don’t believe the Battery Operated Drummer Rabbits appeared in any of the later commercials with the Energizer Rabbit. As the later ads depicted the Rabbit being pair with other characters besides rabbits. I’ll talk about one of them for next week, cause I remenber the ones that have trade mark characters than most of the ones that had entirely original characters paired with the rabbit. I would love to talk more about the Drummer Rabbits, but there really isn’t anything else to say about them other than they’re like the Energizer Rabbit, except with no shades and different drum sets. Next week however will be on a subject worth talking about greatly which is King Kong meeting the rabbit.

“Where’s her off switch” “She doesn’t have one” “I keep going, and going and going” “Shoot her, just shoot her!”


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