Got Milk with Museum Staff Member

Aaah brrrr

The short phrase that change the view of milk for a life time. The concept was re-used so many times, it became part of our culture. Out of the hundreds of Got Milk commercials, you’re probably asking why am I doing one on a Museum Staff member. Well it turns out that this commercial was in fact the original Got Milk commercial, that’s right the one that started it all. And also the most unlikely subject for the concept as each of them were different from one another, but always have to do with milk.

The commercial starts off with a museum staff member taking a break by listening to the radio and having a peanut butter sandwich. He’s clearly eating within an exhibit and in reality you would get canned if you eat any where in a museum except for designated areas. He hears about a random phone caller radio contest where one lucky winner can win $10K if they answer one tricky question over the phone.  I’d be surprised if radio stations still do that today, with caller id’s more commonly used than back then it’s unlikely. So anyways the radio DJ says that the question is “Who shot Alexander Hamilton?” This got the museum staff member’s adrenaline running as he’s sitting in the exact exhibit that has the actual pistols used in Alexander’s duel and a portrait of the man who shot him which is A. Burr. The phone rings which the employee answers it and gets really excited when it’s the Radio DJ asking him for the answer. The staff member confidently says “A. Burr”, however the DJ didn’t caught wind of it. The employee tries to say it again, but to the DJ it sounds like mumbling. If it weren’t for the peanut butter that’s still in his mouth, he’d be a winner right about now. He quickly tries to pour a glass of milk, but is frustrated that there’s none left. The DJ tells him that his time is about to run out. The employee, tried all his might to say the name clearly but the DJ just replies “I’m sorry, but maybe next time” and hangs up. The employee now upset and just says “A. Burr” in a voice full of sorrow. The screen fades and we see the trademark white text with the narrator saying “Got Milk?”

This aired on TV back in October 29, 1993. The museum staff member was portrayed by Sean Whalen, who you might know best as the guy who got busted by Charlie’s Angels in the first movie involving the sky diving off of the plane scene. The Radio DJ was the voice of Rob Paulsen(Yakko, Dr. Scratchnsniff, Pinky, Original Raphel, and Antonie D’Coolette from SatAM Sonic). The voice of the Got Milk narrator was Denny Delk(a recurring actor for LucasFilms/LucasArts related games including the voice of Murray the skull from Monkey Island). While the director was none other than THE Michael Bay. The commercial was the advertisement industry’s top awarding commercial by 1994. From 1994 to 1995, fluid milk sales in the 12 regions totaled by 23.3 billion pounds, and increased advertising expenditures amounted to $37.9 million. By 2002, the ad was named one of the ten best commercials of all time by a USA Today poll, and was run again nationwide that same year. It has since been featured in books on advertising and used in case studies. According to the Got Milk? website, the campaign has over 90% awareness in the US and the tag line has been licensed to dairy boards across the US since 1995. Got Milk? is a powerful property and has been licensed on a range of consumer goods including Barbie dolls, Hot Wheels, baby and teen apparel, and kitchen ware. The trademarked line has been widely parodied by groups championing a variety of causes. Many of these parodies use a lookalike rather than the actual persons used in the original Got Milk? adverts. The slogan “Got Milk?” was licensed to the National Milk Processor Board (MilkPEP) in 1995 to use on their celebrity print ads, which, since then, have included celebrities from the fields of sports, media and entertainment, as well as fictional characters from TV, video games, and film but I’ll mention those another time.

You might remenber from such films as Amagedon, The Rock, and the Transformers Trilogy.

Meet the original Raphel.

Don’t taunt me cause I’m only a skull!

Sometimes the original commercial is most memorable, but in this case I find this commercial to be not as appealing as the latter. I do enjoy how this boost up the knowledge to various kids on a tricky history class question that involves Alexander Hamilton. Not something I hear many people talk about least from where I live. But least commercials like these help you remember it. I don’t ever remember seeing this commercial on TV, as I have a better memory on the latter commercials made after this one which were more memorable cause they featured copyrighted characters used for the subject of having no milk. Which make this one look boring in comparison. So the next time I do another article on Got Milk it’ll be on those and not on commercials like these unless I feel like it, or there’s a popular demand, or there’s not enough commercials for me to review. With millions of commercials already been made, I have unlimited possibilities on what to review next. So for next time it’ll be another “first” commercial of another series which will be the Energizier Rabbit. Ever wonder where the rabbit came from, find out next week.


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