Budweiser Aliens


As promised here is the last Budweiser commercial to review as of right now. This commercial was made back when “Wassup” was still a new catchphrase. Not the commercial that started the trend, but one of the spin-off ads that was influenced by the original commercial. Why am I reviewing this instead of the original? Only cause this was the first Wassup commercial I ever saw on TV, or least whenever my dad is watching Football. So onward to the summary of this commercial.

Welcome to Geonosis, hideout of the Seperatists Party.

That people always do stupid things on Reality TV shows.

Welcome Back

The commercial starts with a dog exiting a house that was having a party. It  then head towards an open field with no one stirring about. It gets caught by a tracker beam by a UFO. The UFO takes the dog to the home planet with structures that look like that of the planet Geonosis from “Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones”. The dog was brought into a hall filled with observers and the leader of the planet. They all look like modified versions of the Mudokons from the Oddworld games. It then turns out that the dog is in fact one of the aliens themselves disguised as an Earth pet to observe how humans live. The leader askes the alien scout what he has learn from Earth. The scout, simply quotes what he heard from the party which was “Wassup!” The leader then says “Wassup?” upon confusion on it’s meaning. But tends to like how it sounds, while the observers start to shout out “wassup” one upon the other. They say it so loud in the hall, that an Earth observation satellite caught wind of it. You know as in those out of town facilities where the only employees there are humans who spend their time listening for any messages, language or sounds from space. The human in charge of listening for signs of extra terrestrial life hears the quote over his servalence station and gets really excited to have found a source of intelligent life. He then says “Oh man! We are not alone!” While the guy behind him is probably thinking to himself “You pulling my leg again?” If it was Fox Mulder, he’d be like “Get that tape ready and secure it inside a hiding place before the government gets wind of this situation”. Unfortunately there’s no X-File reference in this commercial in particular. But that would of been hilarious if Fox Mulder was either the witness to the guy’s encounter with the alien message or is the guy listening to the message from space.

What me worry?

When a case is unusual or baffles the bureau, this division comes to the job.

Quiet, I’m listening for an alien message.

This commercial inspired a shirt sold by the Big Dogs Clothing store chain which is a complete opposite which shows a St. Bernard disguised as an alien and says “Wassup” in front of a group of St. Bernards. Besides that there weren’t any other merchandise or parodies focused on the aliens themselves, but rather just the “Wassup” quote. Such as in an episode of the Simpsons, Milhouse constantly tries to act cool by saying the quote over and over again. But no one even comments on his attempts cause he’s just embarrassing himself without realizing it. A lesson to be learned, never try to immate someone from a commercial, unless you know it’s going to make people laugh rather than shudder in embarrassment.

Where it’s good to be an odd ball.


You’re not cool Milhouse!

So that’s more than one month worth of beer articles, right now I feel like taking a break after doing that many. I know I’m leaving out some other beer mascots like Sasha the Hams Beer Bear, Spuds McKenzie, Bud Man, and the original Wassup commercial. But keep in mind that I will be doing articles on those like I did with these 5 recent beer articles. It’ll probably be another year when I consider doing some more beer commercial articles again. So when the time is right, you’ll be hearing me talking about cold ones once more. For now I like to talk about something else that you don’t see anymore. Like the earlier Got Milk commercials, that’s right for next week I’ll be talking about the original Got Milk commercial.


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