When I grow up, i'll be just like the Green Giant.

When it comes to vegetables the one thing that comes to our minds is the colossal Jolly Green Giant. But beside him there was another character in his commercials named Sprout. Like the green Giant, except he’s smaller and talks more than the Giant himself. Since the Green Giant commercials still advertise with their own trademark mascot, I won’t be doing an article on him since he’s no where close to be forgotten. Unlike his friend Sprout who tragically hasn’t been in a commercial for many years now. For this week, I would love to talk about the history and impact Sprout had to offer when it comes to advertising vegetables.

The Giant is proud to have someone to teach about vegetables.

Sprout first appeared in the Green Giant commercials back in 1973. He is the giant’s apprentice who helps tend the crops within the valley. Curious and enthusiastic, Sprout represents the voice of the consumers who buy vegetables and learns everything from the Giant’s wisdom on vegetables. Every commercial takes place at the Green Giant valley, which is always being watched by the giant observing his crops being harvest into frozen food. Sprout would always be seen either learning something new about plants or helping out the farmers who are the same height as he is. Along with advertising the product whether it’s canned corn or peas, they cover everything the Green Giant valley has to offer. The commercials always conclude with the Giant’s “Ho Ho Ho” quote or sometimes Sprout would say it along with him. By 1989, the character was excluded from the commercials perhaps Sprout finished his internship at the valley and moved on to grow up to be a giant of his own farm. While to this day the Green Giant still watches over his valley in the most recent commercials.

Over the years Sprout became a likeable character even after he became excluded from advertising. Those who remembered him have created various collectables, spawning merchandise from bobble heads to keychains. I was age 1 when Sprout was no longer on TV ads so I have no memories of him as a kid. My first exposure to Sprout was when I bought a Sprout Keychain which I recalled my parents told me who he was cause I had no knowledge of there being a companion for Green Giant all those years ago. As of today you can find a considerable amount of Sprout merchandise at either those collectables stores that have items representing TV shows ranging from 1950s to 1980s(really cool stores to go to). So Sprout is seen at certain areas of America it’s just it’s unlikely Green Giant company will bring him back, unless there’s plenty of fan support.

For next week, I’ll be doing another McDonald’s article which isn’t 100% nutritious unless you order the meals that have the less calories. Until then check out whatever commercials I found on Sprout.




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