Final Fantasy III Casting Office

Come for the auditions if you dare.

After various searches on the internet, I finally found this commercial that was previously an unknown game advertisement. For this week I like to discuss one of the most memorable commercials of my childhood which is the Final Fantasy III Casting Office Commercial. A commercial I haven’t seen since over 17 years ago! Over the years, I would only remember the commercial but not the name of the game. So it was hard to know exactly what commercial it was without knowing the game it advertised. To this day I never knew it was a Final Fantasy related commercial. Though I should have tried looking up all of the Final Fantasy commercials of the 90s cause I did remember the character in the commercial looking like a Moogle. So with that being said, on with the description of the commercial advertising Final Fantasy 3(Also known as Final Fantasy 6 in Japan).

Oooh, scary.


Cast me, I'm mobile.

The commercial starts off outside of an office that has a sign displaying “Final Fantasy 3 Casting”. A shadowy figure approaches the door and knocks it down. The one running he auditions is none other than a Moggle who instead of being afraid of the monster, he tells it to show him what it has to offer. The monster gives out a loud roar, but the Moggle wasn’t amazed and zaps the monster with his lightning attack. The Moggle shouts out next, and next came a four-legged monster with wheels for feet(excuse me if I don’t know the names of any of these creatures of the game). The monster rolls into the office, but the Moggle zaps the monster like the previous one upon saying “Yes!” and there’s nothing left of the creature than a pile of dust and one of its legs. The Moggle once again shouts out “Next!” and is greeted by a glowing green phantom which the Moggle smiles and replies “Oooh, scary”. It was expected to see the Moggle cast this creature only to see him zap the phantom which vaporizes it out of existence. For the finale we see a montage of the Moggle shouting next and zapping every single monster that enters the office. We then see a broom sweeping dust under a game box of Final Fantasy 3 with the announcer saying “Final Fantasy 3, do you have what it takes?”. Then we immediately see the Squaresoft logo with the announcer saying “Final Fantasy 3 from Squaresoft”(in case no one knew that was the company that did the games I guess). The last second of the commercial shows a cautious monster peeking behind the door hearing the Moogle shouting next. But the monster stayed where he is frozen with his eye widen in terror.

Cast Me Cast Me!

Cast me, I'm hideous.

I was a reject for the Xenomorph films.

Before ever knowing that this commercial was for Final Fantasy 3, I used to think it was a game about a monster exterminating critter. Which was how I always describe this game to people, but no one would know what I’m talking about. I knew I wasn’t imagining it cause I remember the ad as clear as day. To remember the commercial’s contents and not the game’s name proves how memorable the ad was to me. While I haven’t played all of the Final Fantasy games, I do find the franchise interesting though. I only recalled playing Final Fantasy 7, Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 entirely, while all the other Final Fantasy related games I’ve played either partly or only seen gameplay footage.

Get the janitor on the double.

Another one bites the dust.


So let’s talk about the commercial itself. Like any american commercial for a Japanese video game, it would either stay true to the content or feature something not from the game. Though usually commercials featuring something not from the game are the best ones. In this ad’s case it’s a Moogle with a casting director’s job. I love how this commercial uses stop motion animation and a hint of 2-D animation to give it a charmy yet humorous look to it. Plus you gotta love the voice given to the Moggle which is completely opposite from what you’d expect a Moogle to sound like, but since this commercial is related to show biz, it fits in with the situation. Not to mention this ad reminds us of how the numbering system for Final Fantasy in America used to be completely off. The first three games released in America were in fact Final Fantasy 1, 4, & 6 were released as 1,2, & 3. This created a confusion where Final Fantasy 7 was released as its own original title making people think that 4,5 & 6 were unreleased when they’ve actually played 4 & 6 as different titles. Even the Angry Video Game Nerd complain about this dumb decision to retitle the games. But luckily the future titles of Final Fantasy retain their original titles upon release in America.

To answer your question, no this isn't The Comedian's badge.

"Next!" "oh, crap!"

"ROAR!" "Yeah right!"

That’s about all there is to say about this commercial, the next time I do another article on a Final Fantasy commercial I hope to have played more of them by then. For next week I’ll do an article on one of the five characters you see on my header that I haven’t done reviews on yet. I’m sure you already guess who they are just by excluding the ones I’ve already reviewed.

What it looked like in Japan.

Sith Powers!

Do you have what it takes?


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