7Up Pac Man

Gotta drink something after eating all those pac-dots.

I notice I haven’t done any video game advertisement articles yet, so let’s discuss one that advertises both soda and a video game at the same time. In this case Pac-Man and 7Up paired together in a way you never seen Pac-Man before. This 7Up Pac Man commercial was made during the craze of when Pac Man first arrive on American shores back in October 1980. This commercial was made back in 1982 when there were only four different Pac-Man games which were Pac-Man Original, Ms. Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man, & Pac-Man Plus. The commercial starts off with a camera panning an actual arcade cabinet of the game and we see a gamer starting to play the game after drinking a bottle of 7Up. Instead of the same old game, we see Pac-Man colored red instead of yellow and drinks 7Up to eat the ghost’s clothes instead of eating power pellets. Instead of pretzels and cherries in the maze, it’s lemons, limes, ice cream cones, tacos, & pizza slices for Pac-Man to eat. Which sounds like tastier snacks to go with all those pac-dots he always eats which Dr. Zoidberg claims that the dots tastes like stale marshmallows. The commercial concludes with Pac-Man and the four ghost all drinking a bottle of 7Up and then a title card appears with a slogan that says “The difference is clear”. Which was the slogan for 7Up at the time this commercial was new.

Wait, since when were there five of us?

Let’s discuss the content of this commercial. The game design to resemble a parody game is a different approach for Pac-Man compared to everything else he appeared in for commercials. The 7Up theme made this look like an advertisement of a product placement game rather than the game itself. Ironically 7Up did make their own product placement games which were the 7Up Spot games, which I mentioned in the previous 7Up article some time ago. Though in my opinion an actually 7Up theme Pac-Man game does sound cool and would make an excellent product placement game. Since Namco has over the years came up with alternate game plays for Pac-Man to be in. Cause it be boring if Pac-Man is doing the same thing over and over again for 30 years straight. I have played various pac-Man games over the years including the cross-over games where Pac-Man and other Namco own games team up. But I know I haven’t played all of them as of yet. I know the existence of the cartoon version made by Hanna-Barbara, except I never seen an episode of that series excluding seeing the Holiday special which aired on Cartoon Network numberous times. I don’t ever remember seeing the cartoon series on TV, cause it was made before my time and it was never shown on reruns from my knowledge of TV cartoon watching.

Yum, stale marshmellows!

My comments on this commercial, it’s a cool idea for its time and it’s unlikely you’ll talk to many people who knew Pac-Man was associated with a soda product. I think the guy who created the 7up Spots might of gotta the inspiration of this commercial for the Spots themselves. It’s just it’s too much of coincidence when Pac-Man almost resembles the 7Up Spot in this commercial. Besides Pac-Man being red to resemble the spot on the 7Up logo, I notice the ghosts don’t have the same colors as they did in the games. The only ghosts to appear in their original colors are Blinky, Inky, & Clyde. While Pinky is blue instead of pink. Course this was a common thing to happen in video game commercials where the creators of the commercials aren’t given any blue prints on how the characters should look. I’ll eventually do another article on a commercial that just advertises the video game, but for now enjoy the commercial which is a true time capsule on how interesting the 80’s were.

You know the Spot was cool.


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