Slim Jim Guy

I think I'm gonna be sick!

Whenever I think of Slim Jim beef jerky, I think of this guy which is Slim Jim Guy. He’s a guy wearing a beef jerky head wear and only wears a long sleeve red shirt and yellow overalls with the slim jim logo on it. He resembles the beef jerky you eat, except imagine a combination of Jim Carey & Jan Schweiterman(Kurt Bozwell CEO of Mondo Burger in the Good Burger Movie). These series of commercials always starts with someone eating a Slim Jim and you immediately see a sequence of the Slim Jim Guy falling inside that person’s esophagus and landing inside his or hers stomach. The situation always shows Slim Jim Guy being mischievous and causing trouble inside the stomach. If the stomach is occupied by other food products he always starts a fight, unless the food products resembles women which he immediately tries to flirt with them. The commercials usually show what is happening to the person who ate the slim jim and always concludes with the Slim Jim Guy ripping open the Slim Jim logo into a big hole and shouting out “Eat Me!”

So how long until we get to enter the small intestints?

You next, Pinky!

The Slim Jim Guy commercials were all filmed in London, UK. The idea was conceived by Steve Mark and Steve Garbett or Good Steve and Bad Steve which are their nicknames with associations with the North Castle Partners(which also did the early wrestler Slim Jim commercials). Directed by Tim Rolt, who only directed a short film called “Tad’s Nest” released a decade after he directed these commercials. The commercials were filmed at 6 frames per second, then they were speed up to create the “jerky” looking movements. The stunt coordinator was none other than Ray Park(Darth Maul from Phantom Menace, Toad from X-Men, & Snake Eye in Live Action G.I. Joe) for these commercials. Since they were filmed in the UK, most of the actors on-screen are mostly British. Notice how some of them are trying to hide their accents by pretending to be American. I love how I made this discovery on how these commercials aired in America but originated from the UK.

There's plenty of beef and spice to go around.

Let’s talk about the skits from all five commercials. Like the first one with the most food product characters. The one thing that bothered me about the commercial is how the guy sitting on the sofa is clearly drinking a bottle of cola, yet the contents look as clear as tap water when it was splashed on Slim Jim Guy who was trying to drown the cheese guy in the stomach bile. Also the fly that appeared in the commercial is remotely huge, it’s like a homage to the Zagnut Fly from Beetlejuice. The second one was one of the most common Slim Jim Guy commercials I saw on TV, also hinting that Slim Jim Guy only likes tap water if he detests mineral water. The third one I don’t remember seeing out of the five in total. Though I do like how it shows what it be like if more than one Slim Jim Guy is eaten by the same person. The Swimming Pool skit was also a common commercial, least I remember seeing it as much as the Veggie Girls one. Also the female lifeguard almost sounds like Peta Wilson due to the deep accent(would have been cool if it really was THE Peta Wilson). The final commercial is the only one where the Slim Jim Guy is seen in the outside world by cutting open a guy’s stomach to get out due to him inhaling too much of the knock out gas. Also a dead ringer towards the scene in Alien where Kane had a chestburster come out of his chest. Makes you wonder what happen to the Slim Jim Guy after he came out of the guy’s stomach? It wouldn’t matter cause where ever there’s Slim Jim Beef Jerky, he’ll always be there.

Hey buddy, you hungry?

Settle down guys.

Slim Jim abandon this guy sometime in the early 2000s and newer campaigns were introduced to Slim Jim including other Wrestlers agreeing to advertise the product. I’ll keep in mind to do an article on Macho Man & Slim Jim on the first anniversary of his death. Despite that Slim Jim had so many different ideas for advertising, Slim Jim Guy was the one who made me a fan of this Beef Jerky in the first place. For those who remembered him will thank me for finding these commercials provided by Good Steve Adams off of his Youtube page. Those who don’t remember this guy are in for quite a show.

Eat Me!



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