Peanut Butter Crunch Zombies

Peanut Butter!

Since it’s close to Halloween I felt I should do one article on a Halloween related commercial before October is over. Who else would make a good subject for an article is none other than the Peanut Butter Crunch Zombies. The commercial starts with two boys watching something on TV during the night of a full moon. The scene is then cut to outside where we can hear the crunching sounds of the kids eating their cereal. The sounds of that crunching echos all the way to a graveyard where a decayed hand comes out of the ground. It wasn’t long until we see a street filled with zombies. Imagine Night of the Living Dead except all of the zombies crave for peanut butter crunch instead of human flesh. The zombies walked slowly down the street, all of them kept chanting the words “Peanut Butter Crunch”. We then see three knock down the door and the zombie resembling Behemoth from Nightmare Before Christmas minus the ax shouts out “Peanut Butter!…Crunch!”. This caused the two kids to scream in terror, as the zombies want their cereal except they’re all out. Both of the boys yelled out “Captain!” in hopes that our title character will save the day. And just as expected, the Captain comes driving down the street in his delivery van and briefly breaks the fourth wall by saying “Horrifying, isn’t it?” in a Tex Avery fashion. The Captain speeds up to the boys’ house and docks his van to the front door with a large stock of Peanut Butter Crunch. It was lucky he was in the neighborhood cause there’s no telling if the zombies themselves will switch from peanut butter crunch to human flesh. So in the end, the zombies have what they were craving for while the two boys and the Captain join in like it was an up all night party and the only snack is peanut butter crunch. Which sounds like a great party any kind of night.

Crunch-a-tise me Cap'n.

This commercial first aired in 1995, and it aired almost like every Halloween throughout the mid-late 90s. Seriously I practically watched this commercial yearly until I knew the words by heart. It also changes the way I’ve seen zombies for a lifetime, excluding the time I first watched Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video as a kid. When viewing this commercial again I notice some details I over looked previously such as the zombie on the far left in the street trips off the skateboard and falls right on his back. Yet I kept rewatching the scene and I noticed that the zombie’s fall looked like it was done on purpose. If you watch closely you’d notice he paused for a second and then he stomp his left foot and then falls towards the lawn while the skateboard rolls a little towards the right. I’m guessing the lawn actually has a hidden mattress in order to insure the safety of the actor. But this is pure speculation, so I don’t really know the production to this commercial very well. I also noticed that Cap’n’s van’s license plate says “Sog Free” on it. As in the old saying for the cereal that it stays crunchy even in milk. I’ll be doing an article related to that slogan in another Cap’n Crunch related article. I always felt this was one of the most memorable commercials right next to the year when the Cap’n went missing and it turn out he visited the center of the Earth to help his Crunchling friends from their enemies(another article in the future). If you have the habit of chanting the words “Peanut Butter Crunch” in a slow pace, don’t worry you’re not the only one who’s been doing it all these years. Anyways enjoy the commercial.


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