McNugget Buddies

We're boneless!

After doing an article on Mac Tonight I decided to do another McDonalds mascot related article. In this case a group of characters from the McDonald Land series, the McNugget Buddies! Based off of the McNugget meal that was invented back in 1983. The characters themselves were created in 1988 as new characters of McDonald Land. They were small mcnugget shape puppets with eye balls, all voiced by Hal Rayle(better known as voice of Deep Six from G.I. Joe & Sweep from Transformers) in the commercials. There were many McNugget Buddies commercials that just featured them and Ronald or them along with the other McDonald Land citizens. A lot of the commercials for the McNuggets involves various puns and almost features them doing a sport or some kind of activity. A couple of them would mention the different types of McNugget sauces and meals like the 20 piece meal as oppose to the typical 9 piece meal. Not to mention these guys were popular enough for their own Happy Meal Toy versions. At least three different kinds over the years including Halloween editions. I still remember once owning a McNugget toy resembling Ronald McDonald.

The Klasy Csupe way.

The McNuggets also appeared as part of the cast of Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald direct to video specials. Which was animated by Klasy Scupe makers of Real Monsters, Duckman, & Rugrats. Only three McNugget Buddies were present and like most of the characters, they were redesigned the Klasy Scupe way. By making them look like a cross between a chicken and a mcnugget with color boots for shoes. This may seem weird, but I always thought they looked cool in their only cartoon form. Those three McNuggets I mentioned were voiced by three different actors rather than just one. They were Pamela Adlon(Quack Pack’s Dewey(The triplet who wears blue), Cousin Sow of Cow & Chicken, & Ket from Kiki’s Delivery Service), Lisa Raggio(Zarana from G.I. Joe), and THE Charlie Adler(Snively from SatAM Sonic the Hedgehog, Mr. Bighead from Rocko, Ickis from Real Monsters, & Original Buster Bunny from Tiny Toons). I did managed to get four out of the six direct to video specials, the reason why I never purchased the last two was cause my parents claimed it was babyish and I was too old to watch them. If it was Teletubbies, yes I would I agree. Except I never see those direct to video specials as being babyish, despite them being G rated quality animation.

Around the early 2000’s, the McNugget Buddies and the rest of the McDonaldland citizens disappeared from advertising. Then after that there’s no longer any character representing the Mcnugget product from what I’ve known. The McNugget Buddies will always be cherished by those who either like collecting the toys or seeing them on the commercials. I’m uncertain how many commercials they’ve been in but I did gather as many as I could down below for all of you to watch. I did discover a different McNugget related character, but that’s for another article.



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