ANZ with Famous Robots

Your call is important to us!

I came across this commercial by accident when I type in Lost in Space Commercials on Youtube. So I decided to include it as this week’s article cause “A” it’s advertising a company that is unknown to America and “B” it has three recognizable robots. Which are Robot B9 from Lost in Space, John the Robot from “Planeta Bur”(Soviet Union Sci-Fi film that was Americanized into two films), and a Dalek from Doctor Who. The commercial opens with an office phone ringing and is answered by not a human hand, but the claw of Robot B9. It’s revealed the entire call center is occupied with nothing but machines as employees. Robot B9 answers the phone by saying “Your call is important to us, please press hash to continue” then he gives the phone to John the Robot. When John has the phone in his hand he simply says “Your call is complaced incompute, that’ll be a short wait”. After he says this he hands the phone to a Dalek, but sadly a Dalek has no hands so John ended up dropping the phone. The Dalek only starts to shout the words “Exterminate!” “Destroy!” and starts to shoot lasers at John. A fight is about to start in the office space while Robot B9 starts shouting “Your call is important to us” once more while John is left to defend for himself. While the caller who was on the phone probably hung up after not getting the service he or she are seeking. The scene immediately changes to a different office space featuring human operators who are all answering the incoming calls and giving the callers the service they are seeking. Then an Aussie accent announcer is heard saying “ANZ, Australia’s best call center, now convenitly open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”.

Your art doesn't compute.

For those who don’t know ANZ is a bank company that is located within Australia, New Zealand and 25 other countries in the world. It’s the fourth biggest bank company in Australia with over 46,000 employees. The company is associated with the Nation Bank of New Zealand, largest bank in New Zealand, For more info on both banks look at the links below. I don’t feel like doing an Economic lecture, even if I did it be 100 times better than my last economics class. I disliked the teacher who taught that class. What I don’t get is he loathes George W. Bush, yet he loathes Michael Moore even though he’s made documentaries on George W. Bush’s embarrassing moments as President. So I’m guessing my Economics teacher was a Republican cause those who detest Moore are either Republican, Diplomat, or a CEO of a private company. I’m a huge fan of Moore cause he did things no other director has done. While I’m neutral on the opinion of whether George W. was good or bad at his job. Which is why Oliver Stone’s movie “W” was made for those either liked him or hate him. But enough with economics and politics let’s discuss this commercial.

Robot of the Red Country!

As implied with what went on in this commercial, I’m guessing ANZ wanted to ensure the public that they have live operators to assist your questions or banking accounts over the phone without any hassle. Or in this case the depiction of a bank company that hired an Environmental Control Robot, A Soviet Union made robot, and a mutant cyborg from the planet Skaro as phone operators. Course who wouldn’t feel annoyed about average call centers not being run by live humans. We can’t rely on recordings or computerized operators to do everything for us when those contraptions have their flaws. Robot B9 was the reason I loved this commercial so much, since he’s one of the reasons I loved Lost in Space along with the one and only Dr. Zachery Smith. One of the best shows to air during the 60s. If I was given a choice between Lost and Space or Brady Bunch as the best family show from the 60s. I’d totally pick Lost in Space, cause a family, an air force pilot, a stowaway, and a robot traveling in space sounds more exciting than an over crowded family and a house maid having miscellaneous problems or record deals involving the six kids. I got nothing against Brady Bunch, but let’s say I used to think it was cool until I discover the 60s had better shows to offer. I’d like see Mike Brady operate the Jupiter II or fire a laser rifle. But anyways the only time I would watch Brady Bunch is for historical references cause it’s interesting what America was like during the final years of the Vietnam War.


Besides Robot B9 is John the Robot who starred in one Russia’s finest films during the Cold War “Planeta Bur”, which has been translated into many English titles like “Storm Planet”, “Planeta Burg”, “Planet of Storms”, “Planet of Tempests”, and finally “Cosmonauts on Venus”. It’s an interesting science fiction film made when the country was still under Soviet Union rule. Besides the science errors and the depiction of the planet Venus, I found John the Robot to be the most interesting character among the cast. I watched the film without knowing a word of Russian, so I only understood half of what’s going on in the movie. The movie’s enlisted in public domain so it’s easy to find for those who are interested in watching Russian movies. I’ve seen other Russians films besides this one, and I’ll tell you this is that the Russians have an unusual history of cinema. Such as 1965’s Jack frost which is so far the weirdest Russian movie I’ve seen so far. Planeta Bur did had an Americanized version, in fact two versions with edited footage from the original called “Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet” & “Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women”.

Don't disemble me!

The last robot or mutant cyborg featured as one of the operators is a Dalek. To be honest, I haven’t been caught up with the Doctor Who series so I’m no where close to being a Doctor Who expert. I apologize to every one of you who is a Doctor Who fan, but I only recalled seeing two episodes of it when there’s like thousands of episodes from the earliest series to the recent ones. I do understand that these Daleks are very iconic and are often used to represent the show along with that Police Booth, which made me think it was a phone booth at first glance(got embarrassed once when someone tried to convince me that Doctor Who doesn’t travel in a phone booth). There might be a time when I’ll get caught up with Doctor Who, but no sure when cause right now I’m busy watching X-Files for the first time and recently I considered getting caught up with Star Trek(no spoilers on that show or X-Files please).

Comic Con VIP!

So that’s the three main robots used for operators in this commercial. There were other robots in the commercial, except I don’t know if any of them were copyrighted robots. Cause the three I mentioned were the only ones I recognized. If I was able to make this commercial even better I’d include Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet, Johnny 5 from Short Circuit, Tom, Crow, & Gypsy from MST3K & both the original and new Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as phone operators. The reason for why ANZ only used three copyrighted robots is either cause all three of them are famous in Australia or they were they easy to obtain for the commercial. I’m not sure if Planeta Bur has any exposure down under, but I do know Lost in Space & Doctor Who both have fan bases in Australia including various Sci-Fi conventions that had the remain cast of Lost in Space as guests of honor.

Life. Don't talk to me about life.

Satelite of Love robots



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